A Visit to the Vet in Four Acts

Jessie the cat would like to share this photo essay with you 😆

“I don’t need a check-up. I feel fine. And I hate this stupid carrier.”

“Ugh. One of those yappy dogs is in the waiting room. If he comes near me I’m prepared to smack his snout.”

“They’re gonna take my temperature. And look at my teeth. I don’t need this.”

“Mommy? Whatever I did, I’m sorry. Please stop bringing me here, ok?”

Beloved Dog

Hi friends. It might have seemed like I disappeared for several days. Hate to go so long without posting. But I did go away, in a sense. Grieving the loss of my family’s dog, Gracie, who passed away the other night. I adopted Gracie almost 14 years ago when she was just a two-month old puppy, and due to my moving around, living in small aprtments, etc, she ended up permanently with my mother, in her nice spacious house and big backyard.

Gracie was absolutely the greatest dog, ever! A gentle, sweet, down-to-earth Shepard/Husky mixed breed, with big almond eyes and brindle coloring. She was a dainty little lady! Docile, even-tempered, full of warmth and affection. A superb loving pet to all.

She had been gradually deteriorating over the past year or so; cataracts, dysplasia, walking slowly and laboriously, her faculties failing; all the usual symptoms of an aging dog. It was hard to watch sometimes. Finally she succumbed, and luckily both my mother and I were there to comfort and console her in her final hours. We didn’t have to put her down. She went on her own. But it was painful to see that adorable little angel of a dog in such a distressed and helpless state.

Sorry if I’ve depressed everyone! All of you who know me personally know that I am a huge animal lover, and I’ve been crying a lot over Gracie these past few days. But I promise I will be back very soon with my usual posts about art, art modeling, beauty and inspiration!

In the meantime, love to Gracie! A very Museworthy dog if there ever was one!

1994 – 2007