Dream Makers

In an Artist’s Studio – Christina Rossetti

One face looks out from all his canvases,
One selfsame figure sits or walks or leans:
We found her hidden just behind those screens,
That mirror gave back all her loveliness.
A queen in opal or in ruby dress,
A nameless girl in freshest summer-greens,
A saint, an angel – every canvas means
The same one meaning, neither more or less.
He feeds upon her face by day and night,
And she with true kind eyes looks back on him,
Fair as the moon and joyful as the light:
Not wan with waiting, not with sorrow dim;
Not as she is, but was when hope shone bright;
Not as she is, but as she fills his dream.

Seated Model in the Artist’s Studio, by Paul-Gustave Fischer:

12 thoughts on “Dream Makers

  1. Diana says:

    Beautiful! Claudia

  2. Hello.

    Nice painting. I like its green aura. Never heard of the artist before. He definitely captured a moment.

    Neil S.

  3. Dave says:

    That’s a gorgeous painting from an artist previously unknown to me. How do you keep finding these obscure gems?

    • artmodel says:


      I guess I have a knack for image searching! LOL
      Keywords are the trick. In this case, I had the poem first and was looking for an accompanying work of art. I really liked the way the model was sitting in the chair.

      Thanks for your comments!


  4. Bill says:

    Nice posting! Another model friend recently wrote about the model-artist relationship in terms of staring — the artist staring at the model and the model staring back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz6ilF0xFK0

    • artmodel says:


      LOL!!! Great clip from a great show. Eddie was the best. And as everyone knows, you can’t win a staring contest with a dog. You just can’t.

      Thanks for commenting!


  5. “He feeds upon her face by day and night”

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