Tide and Tableau

So another school year has come to an end, and this thankful artist’s model can wind down from months and months of posing all around town. On this unseasonably hot May evening I raise a glass of cold beer to all the people I had the pleasure of modeling for and interacting with; the artists, the grad students and the undergrads, the class monitors, the instructors and model bookers and maintenance workers, the cherished old acquaintances and the lovely new ones, and especially to this big, crowded, noisy city, which generously provides ample work for us art models like no other city can. It’s amazing. So here’s to you New York. Cheers! :takes a long refreshing gulp of Stella Artois:

Ah, but my wind down won’t last too long. Summer sessions will begin soon and I am, again, thankful to already have bookings in my calendar for June, July, and August. Summer, even with a decent amount of art modeling work, has a different tempo, as it should. Freelance work ebbs and flows like a tide. Learn how to float on the currents and you’ll be just fine. But creating art takes no real “hiatus” if you think about it. Heck I have three gigs next week. Wait … what? I thought this was my vacation! 😆

Here is some of my recent modeling for you, darling readers. My one and two minute quick poses, sketched by my fabulous dear friend Jordan Mejias. A model’s gesture set collected on a single page makes for a wonderful composition in itself. From Minerva’s Drawing Studio  last Monday night.

14 thoughts on “Tide and Tableau

  1. In the Chicago area, at least for me, a good year is when I get one booking each month in June, July and August! And you have three bookings already. I’m happy for you. It’s great that the New York figure modeling/drawing community is so vibrant. Could some of you New York artists move out to Chicago…?

    • artmodel says:


      With the outrageous rents here in NYC perhaps some of our artists will move out to Chicago! Kidding aside, I’ve been modeling for so long that I’m fortunate to have made many solid contacts and long term professional relationships. Have to do the work I love, and also have to pay the bills.

      Thanks for your support, and book those gigs as they come!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Happy ‘vacation’! Good to have some work to keep you going, of course, though I’m sure some slowing down and resting your muscles will be welcome.

    • artmodel says:


      So wonderful to hear from you! Yes, a little slowdown is welcome to rest up a bit. And it’s nice to have some free days to work in my little garden. Planted vegetable seeds today!

      Thanks for your comments 🙂


  3. roberta m says:

    Enjoy your summer! Hopefully, there will be many wonderful warm summer nights and a few Stellas waiting in the fridge for you. 😀 Great sketches!

    • artmodel says:


      Cold Stellas in the fridge is a must for my summer plans! I have simple wants 😉 Glad you liked Jordan sketches. Thanks so much for your comments and kind wishes!


  4. Ray says:


  5. Dave says:

    These are lovely sketches, Claudia. I very much enjoy doing those really short poses, and it’s wonderful when you have an artist present who can actually capture them.

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, we models love doing the short poses, I think more than the artists realize! They’re our creative physical expression on full display. Really fun 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!


  6. Bill says:

    Nice stuff — both the drawings and the poses. It takes me a minute or two to find my paper and pencils — I’m always amazed that someone can create something this good in such a short time.

    As for the coming of Summer — this one’s for you. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnXLVTi_m_M

    • artmodel says:


      Outstanding music selection! Ella and Louis … you know me well 🙂
      So much greatness. Thank you! And thanks for your comments.
      Glad you liked the sketches!


  7. Fred Hatt says:

    Jordan has captured your lively spirit!

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