Portraits & Pets – A Museworthy Art Show

Companions. Loved ones. Models. Friends. Souls – human and animal – with faces and gazes, personalities and body language, stories and histories. Followers of this blog contributed works of art – in a most glorious array of expressions – to a little online art show themed “Portraits and Pets”. Some included brief descriptions to accompany their work, others let their art stand alone. Each one is thoroughly unique, and a gesture of participation in this blog’s congenial community. And your blog hostess was honored to participate right along with you. I now present …”Portraits and Pets”! Enjoy 🙂

Ron Anticevich
oil on linen
Simi Valley, California

Mark Wummer
Finding Flint
“Flint is a fifty-five pound black lab that started his life training to be a service dog but decided on a career change, and instead became our son’s family pet. He can curl himself into a ball of black fur so tightly that it’s tough to know what part of him you are looking at.”
Reading, Pennsylvania

Derek James Tewey
Mariama, my sister, 1935-2017
“I miss her”
Brisbane, Australia

Dave Moran
“my pit bull mix”
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fred Hatt
Leo and My Foot
Aquarelle crayon and gouache on grey paper
Brooklyn, New York

Todd Fife
pencil, acrylic, coffee, gold leaf
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Daniel Maidman
oil on canvas
Brooklyn, New York

Bill MacDonald
Young Man with a Beard
colored pencil over graphite
Quincy, Massachusetts

Two from
Susan Berkowitz
gouache, watercolor, and acrylic on aquaboard
Brooklyn, New York

oil pastel

Rob Carroll
HB pencil
Swindon, UK

Bruce Williams
Claudia and Ika
hand-colored drypoint
New York City

Two from
Judy Waller
Best of Friends
watercolor on paper
“At home in the studio where she lives and works, her little parrot Beatrix can almost always be seen sitting contentedly on Lita’s shoulder. Lita starts every day by holding Beatrix in her palm and stroking her feathers, much to the little bird’s obvious delight. They truly are ‘Best of Friends!'”
Roseburg, Oregon

watercolor on paper
“My painting of Mike and his dog Sophie captures the tender affection between the two, in a peaceful moment of repose. Mike has a natural affinity for animals, and can befriend even the most reluctant dog or cat almost instantly.”

Elaine Hajian
“My grandfather who came to America to escape the Armenian Genocide. Honoring a gentle man who will live forever in our hearts.”
New York City

Mark Kurdziel
oil on linen
Jersey City, New Jersey

Christopher Hickey
Anne’s Black Bird
etching tinted with watercolor
“our cat Noelle has a cameo role”
Atlanta, Georgia

Francisco Malonzo
Connie 3
New York City

Rosanne Kaloustian
“This painting of my aunt was created from an old black and white photo … remembering the good old days.”
New York City

Roberta Moring
“My muse is my beautiful African Ring-Neck parrot”
West Bend, Wisconsin

Claudia Hajian
Jessie and her Blue Toy
pastel on paper
New York City

22 thoughts on “Portraits & Pets – A Museworthy Art Show

  1. therese says:

    real nice and touching galery. lovely

  2. Bill says:

    Great job pulling this together — thanks! Some really good work in a wide range of media. Your mother’s portrait (“Patriarch”) and description also made it particularly special.
    (And I certainly think that you did Jessie justice, too!)

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, that portrait of my great-grandfather is one of my Mom’s best works, in my opinion. He died when I was a child but I did know him and remember him pretty well. And I think I did do Jessie justice, thanks! Maybe I’ll do a series of Jessie pastels 🙂

      Thanks for your sensitively done portrait, and for your comments!


  3. scultore says:

    Beautiful show, kudos to the curator and the artists, you are in a wonderful community!

    • artmodel says:


      Thank you so much! Curating this show was truly a joy. A wonderful community indeed. And I am honored to have made an appearance in your piece! RIP Ika, my little modeling partner.

      See you soon!


  4. Jennifer says:

    Love the show and the rich variety of pets and portraits – will be returning for another viewing 🙂

    • artmodel says:


      So great to hear from you! Delighted that you enjoyed the show. I knew there would be a rich variety of styles. I love it.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope you’ve been well, friend.


  5. roberta m says:

    Thank you for organizing this show–such a wonderful variety. Love Jessie!

    • artmodel says:


      It was my absolute pleasure! And I put Pauly and Jessie next to each other! Thank you for liking my pastel of my lovable little girl and for your wonderful acrylic of Pauly!


  6. As always, fun stuff Claudia. A nice and diverse grouping . . . which is probably very fitting for your viewership.

    • artmodel says:


      I agree! The diversity is amazing. Goes to show how artistic expression can take on countless forms, styles, genres.

      Thank you for commenting and for your stunning portrait!


  7. Judy Waller says:

    Delightful show! Thank you, Claudia!

    • artmodel says:


      You’re very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it, And thank you so much for your two beautiful watercolors which emanate such warmth and showcase the precious bond between humans and animals.


  8. Robert Bent says:

    Awesome work Claudia! Best online exhibit I’ve seen in awhile!

  9. Fred Hatt says:

    I like the humans and the other creatures being presented side by side, on equal ground here!

  10. Rob says:

    A great little exhibition. Thanks Claudia. You have some very talented followers

  11. Hi Claudia –
    Thanks again for featuring Connie 3! This led to a mention on another blog, Artfixed, featuring the same painting:
    Loved Mahler 7th by the way. Such a great performance.
    See you on Saturday!

    • artmodel says:


      Thanks for the link, that’s very cool! It’s wonderful when art is found and then passed along.
      I knew you’d love that Mahler performance! I’m still thinking about it days later! They were really on point, it was riveting.

      See you Saturday, friend!!


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