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Hellooooo friends! We’re just a little over a week away from the Museworthy “Portraits and Pets” Art Show. To those of you who submitted a work, thank you! And if anyone hasn’t submitted but would still like to, you’re welcome to do so. Still a few days left!

I’d also like to pass along an article from Vanity Fair about the current turmoil going on at New York City’s beloved Metropolitan Museum. Art lovers and museum-goers who haven’t heard about this fiasco might be interested. I always thought that the Met’s scheme to ‘re-brand’ and invest heavily in more modern and contemporary art and multi-million dollar expansions could backfire, and now it appears that its really happening. In a nutshell, the museum’s director Thomas Campbell has just resigned, and a so-called “gift” from businessman Leonard Lauder of a valuable Cubist artwork collection – and the construction of a new wing in which to house it – has become less a gift and more a financial albatross. Layoffs, huge budget deficit … it’s all a dismal story of managerial incompetence and the cluelessness of uber wealthy board-of-trustee types.

But this art institution – ‘this’ being the Museworthy blog – can happily report no behind the scenes upheaval! I suppose having only one ‘curator’, no billions of dollars at stake, and no real state on Fifth Avenue might make things easier. Just a little 😆 Which brings me to expressing my thanks to art student Yanjun for letting me post her drawing of me on the blog. This is my pose from Robert Armetta’s ‘Structural Drawing’ class at the New York Academy of Art. For long sitting poses, models can still position themselves in a way with subtle shifts, creating nuanced movement and shapes:

I’ll see you all back here on Tuesday, April 4th for the Museworthy Art Show! Between now and then, I’ll be modeling around town for another busy week of work. I hope you’re all doing well and finding rewards, joys, connections, and inspirations every day.

12 thoughts on “Blog Buzz

  1. Derek James tewey says:

    Lovely piece I have submitted my work I hope you like them for the museworthy project
    Last year was a terrible year for me. I lost two people in my life and two funerals. But I am now gone and still recovering from a painful losses
    O love the piece on you by that young chap

    • artmodel says:


      I know you’ve had to endure many personal ordeals recently, and I’m so terribly sorry about that. But I’m glad you are here communicating, sharing, and staying a part of this little blog town square.

      Yes, I have your art show piece all ready to go! It wouldn’t be the same without you.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. artmodelandrew says:

    I nominate Claudia Hajian for the board of trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She brings a wealth of insight as founder and chief content officer of Museworthy, a top-tier art institution with visitors from around the globe. Ms. Hajian is a prominent figure in the New York art community. Her creative influence has benefited numerous esteemed art institutions including the National Academy and Spring Studio where her appearances are always a big draw. Or paint.

    • artmodel says:


      I think you just wrote me a kick-ass new résumé! 😆
      This is really beautiful and clever! Made me smile, thank you.
      But I have a feeling I wouldn’t get along too well with the fellow trustees, as none of them have ever done an eight hour standing pose in a drafty art studio and, therefore, don’t know shit about how art is created. Dilettantes, all of them 😛


  3. cauartprof says:

    I second Andrew’s motion!

  4. Dave says:

    Thanks for sharing that lovely drawing with us, Claudia. It’s wonderful to be rendered by someone that talented.

    I’m looking forward to the art show!

    • artmodel says:


      So glad you liked Yanjun’s drawing! She created a wonderful piece. I love the figure in charcoal.
      Art show on deck! I think you’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks for commenting!


  5. Love the drawing of you. She is very talented.

  6. Bill says:

    Oh, I don’t know — I’ve always suspected that you maintain a small, but tasteful, residence on Fifth Avenue — where you sip champagne from crystal while dashing off your Museworthy postings. Oh, there in the background — Jessie is fetching your copy of the Sunday Times. Not easy — but still quite achievable for a Fifth Avenue feline.

    I’d agree with Andrew but my best advice is, “Don’t take the job!”

    P.S. Yes, it is a nice drawing — thank you to you and Yanjun.

    • artmodel says:


      You are coming dangerously close to exposing my true identity: a well-to-do upper east side socialite heiress! My ‘girl from Queens’ persona is all a ruse 😆
      But as for Jessie, she’s a thoroughly working-class cat and could beat up those Louis XVI settee sleeping, well-groomed Fifth Avenue felines any day of the week. Jessie’s from the mean streets of the outer boroughs. Jessie doesn’t have time for snobs.

      All kidding aside, I know what you mean about not taking the Met job as a general point. Whoever steps into that debacle right now has a helluva mess to clean up, that is if it can be cleaned up at all. Sad state of affairs.

      Thanks for your comments!


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