Concrete Jungle

“New York is a city of daily irritation, occasional horrors, hourly tests of will and even courage, a huge dollops of pure beauty.”
– Pete Hamill

Forty minutes early for my modeling gig at NYU, I decided to take in a little streetball at the West 4th Street Courts in the Village, better known around town as “the Cage”. Pick-up basketball in this urban mecca is not for the faint-hearted. Play hard, play gusty, trash talk… or else sit your ass down.

Springtime has arrived, and it’s bringing the rhythms, the strides, the chatter and cheer and big city sun. I’m ready! Farewell winter … until next time 🙂




5 thoughts on “Concrete Jungle

  1. Bill says:

    Funny how basketball is seen as a “warm weather” sport in the city — not to mention part of the Summer Olympics. After all, Naismith invented the game to give his kids a Winter sport. Just shows you how versatile the game is.

  2. Dave says:

    Do you ever do basketball poses? I do a lot of sports-inspired gestures, but not very many from basketball. The problem is that most basketball poses are pretty symmetrical and not that distinctive.

    • artmodel says:


      I don’t do basketball poses, per se, but I imagine that a male model such as yourself could do a fine job of it! Such amazing athleticism in basketball. I know an artist who does many paintings of sports themes and he told me he works always from photographs.

      Thanks for your comments!


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