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I rarely have the opportunity to merge the topic of art modeling with a Music Monday post. Actually, I don’t think it’s ever happened. But a little art world item that came up last week fits the bill perfectly, and I couldn’t resist sharing it here. Rock icon and punk pioneer Iggy Pop posed nude for a life drawing class at the New York Academy of Art. Yes.. Iggy Pop. And the drawings produced during that session will be on view at the Brooklyn Museum in the fall. I got such a kick out of the story, and my initial reaction was, “Yeah! You go Iggy!!” Then, I was completely won over when Iggy posted this perfectly succinct tweet to his Twitter account:

Going fully nude isn’t exactly a daring stretch for Iggy Pop since he hasn’t worn a shirt since … 1972? And we all know that flamboyant shirtless rock stars possess the requisite exhibitionist tendencies involved in nude art modeling. Iggy Pop is 68 years old now. After a lifetime in rock and roll, his body has endured much “wear and tear”, but that’s just fine for artists. Remember, models for art classes are life models – individuals who bring their lives, through their physicality and presence, to others who seek to create, explore, and glorify their fellow human beings. Iggy Pop has experienced a lot over many decades. It took him 68 years to make it to “art model”. Better late than never. Welcome to the club,  Iggy 🙂

So you want some more Iggy? Ok, I’ll give you some more Iggy … that is James Osterberg from Muskegon, Michigan. Here he is in his younger and more flexible days, with The Stooges. This is “Hey, Peter”:

13 thoughts on “Rock Model

  1. Jennifer says:

    Go Iggy! That should be a fascinating exhibition and I look forward to your review of it in the Fall 🙂 Iggy was been a presenter for a year recently on BBC Radio 6 Music and his gravelly voice was remarkably charming and he was always interesting. Looks like he’s back in the US continuing to be interesting!

    • artmodel says:


      Iggy is definitely interesting! And such a good friend of the late great David Bowie. I will check out the Brooklyn Museum show in the fall. I wonder how the drawings came out!

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. Jennifer says:

    And it looks like Iggy will continue as a sound track on YouTube while I continue with my computer work 🙂

  3. Derek tweey says:

    Hello everyone did I miss anuthing
    well all I can say I celebrated my 67 years in this earth with my children and garndchildren and recently recovering from back surgery and walking with na new cane.
    I had no idea about Iggy doing that I haven’t followed him in a while since the stooges broke up back in the 1970’s. I know that he is a contemporary of David Bowie and a pioneer of the punk rock movement and he co-wrote the song :China Girl” with David Bowie fgod bless his soul.
    I must admit he looks great for a bloke a year and a half older than yours truly.I had no idea of doing art modeling for a brief time. I don’t how much they paid him but he is expensive. I am sure its a once in a lifetime experience after all he has his music career. I do know for a fact he goes to the gym alot and you know he has great abdominal muscles.

    Of course I am too old fopr art modeling I leave that to Peta she is great at that one. I could not compete with the young ones but Iggy can top that one very inspirational for people like us . The recent deaths of Lemmy kilmister , Glenn Frey and David Bowie people from my age group has depressed me and it made me think of my mortality. Anyway here isa performance from his rock n’ roll hall of famer induction in 2010

    Have a great day lovelys.

    • artmodel says:


      If you hadn’t posted a comment on this blog entry I would have been worried! Glad to hear you are recovering well from your back surgery. And belated Happy Birthday wishes to you! No better way to spend it than with your children and grandchildren. Blessings to you, friend.

      Thanks for the Iggy video. And I assume you heard about the passing of Sir George Martin?


      • Derek tewey says:

        Yes legendary Beatles producer who made all these records with the greatest band of all time. Well he did his time in this earth for 90 years and he was blessed and his legacy was with his work with the Beatles.He is now reunited with John and George in the heavens. God bless him. What a great bloke,

  4. artmodelandrew says:

    Well said: “Remember, models for art classes are life models – individuals who bring their lives, through their physicality and presence, to others who seek to create, explore, and glorify their fellow human beings.”

  5. Bill says:

    While I agree with the quote from the blog posting that Andrew cited, my agreement is only theoretical. In other words, while I am only 65, any rumors that you may hear about my widely-anticipated art modeling world tour are totally unfounded. My agent will issue a press release to that effect shortly.
    P.S. But the t-shirts will be still available from my website.

  6. The new album is streaming (at least for a few days) on NPR’s First Listen:

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