Goodbye Bowie

Never imagined having to post something like this for Music Monday. But David Bowie has left us. He was only 69. Sitting here at 2:30 in the morning, I’m at a loss for words. It seems he was battling cancer for many months and kept it a secret. The words “icon” and “legend” are thrown around indiscriminately these days, but in Bowie’s case they are truly applicable. I’ve been a Bowie fan for as long as I can remember. To blend rock and roll, art, and theater – and do it effectively – is not an undertaking for the mediocre or the uninspired. David Bowie could do it. Personally, I liked Bowie the best when he presented himself as a straight-up singer and rocker, and I chose our video accordingly. He really had a great voice. And a great presence. Also, David Bowie was an art aficionado and collector. Here is an interview with him in which he discusses his art tastes and passions.

Rest in Peace David.

23 thoughts on “Goodbye Bowie

  1. Reblogged this on Public Secrets and commented:
    Sad news about the passing of David Bowie, one of the greats of rock.

  2. Jennifer says:

    We woke up to the news here, having been playing ‘Blackstar’ through yesterday evening, which just added to the shock of such an unanticipated passing. One of those deaths that shifts the world on its axis a little bit.

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, it is incredibly poignant that he released his album on his birthday, and passed away two days later. It was his goodbye gift to us. An artist to the very end.

      Thanks for your comments.


  3. Derek says:

    Another from my generation has left us and I can relate to this illness and it hits home for me personally. I remember seeing him back in 1973 in Hammersmith Odeon and he was a maginficent performer and what a baritone voice
    here is a song that sums it up I would have chosen “Heroes” but a somng he wrote for Mott The Hoople but you can hear his version
    “All the Young Dudes” Rest in peace mate. My condolences to his lovely wife and his children Duncan and Lexi.
    you can hear the guitar playing of the late Mick Ronson now with the late David Bowie singing this rock anthem

    • artmodel says:


      What a great recording. Thanks for posting this. I thought of you when I heard the news and imagined that it would impact you greatly. Such a shock, and since the public was not aware of his illness it felt like an extra strong blow. I’m glad you mentioned his baritone voice … I loved it. He was a unique vocalist. And the majority of people are sharing “Heroes” (which is wonderful of course) so I’m glad you made a different choice. And remember, David Jones from south London isn’t dead .. he just went home πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your thoughts and memories.


  4. lindaganus says:

    Thanks for posting this. So sorry to hear this. One of the most creative artists I ever heard/saw. I remember hearing “young Americans” over and over when I went to Europe the first time in high school. A Swiss girl, in whose house I hosted for a while years later, had all of his recordings and knew them by heart. Once, when living in New York, I saw him on the street…sitting in a lawn chair on the busy corner of 6th Ave/4th Street. He was laughing and talking to friends…he wasn’t one of those celebs hurrying by, hoping no one would recognize him. R.I.P.

    • artmodel says:


      I love that story! Bowie felt very much at home living here in our fair city, and your remembrance demonstrates that. And I am so with you on “Young Americans”. That is easily one of my top three favorite Bowie records. His sings his heart out, it’s awesome. I was just listening to it today on my morning commute!

      Thanks so much for your comments.


  5. scultore says:

    Sad news, listening to Blackstar last night, long live Ziggy

  6. Charlie Campbell says:

    R.I.P …” STARMAN” … you’ll be “Waiting in the Sky” …
    He will be missed and always remembered .

  7. Bill says:

    He arrived just a little too late for me, but I enjoyed the music and echo the appreciation for the man’s life. Funny what you remember about a person, though — I tend to think of him as a financial innovator. Guess he was a true original in numerous ways. R.I.P.

    • artmodel says:


      Interesting article, thanks! I wasn’t aware of any of that. And it speaks a lot to how much the commercial music industry has changed. It’s a different world.


  8. Derek says:

    Rest in Peace from this aussie chick to a legend
    we will miss you
    a great bloke


    • Derek says:

      that’s my daughter Peta writing this njust to let byou know. She came over to see me. lovely young lady

    • artmodel says:

      Peta, fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I knew I could count on you and your Dad to share great Bowie clips.
      Still hard to believe he’s gone.

      Thanks, and so nice to hear from you!


  9. johndrob says:

    Considering that we just left the Christmas season – one of my favorite memories of Bowie is his duet with Bing Crosby, recorded just a few weeks before the latter’s death. Now they’ve been reunited.

    • artmodel says:


      I was just watching that during Christmas week. Such a memorable, iconic television moment. I forgot that Crosby passed away shortly after.

      Thanks the link and for your comments!


  10. Brian says:

    I agree – it is very hard to believe David Bowie is gone. If there was one artist that’s been a constant interest in my life, its Bowie. His music always seemed ageless to me…his passing however, has me checking in on my own age…and reflecting on how fast life is flying by. Thanks for posting Claudia.

    • artmodel says:


      I remember very well your love of David Bowie. In fact, I seem to recall us listening to him at your place in Hawaii! Wow, talk about time passing. You’ve got me checking my own age too!
      But seriously, Bowie’s death is being felt so strongly by those of us of a certain age group. I’m not sure if the millenials quite understand it, but perhaps they will … in time. They need to play “Changes” on repeat.

      Thanks for commenting, Brian. Wonderful to hear from you πŸ™‚


  11. kdmedina says:

    Missed your message to Shanksalot. Hope you can send again.

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