A Place in the Sun

I return to art modeling in eleven days. Should I put a countdown clock on Museworthy, à la the third period of a hockey game? 😆 Honestly though, half of me is looking forward to modeling again, while the other half of me wants to wallow a little longer in these lazy, utterly unproductive summer days. And by utterly unproductive I mean falling asleep in a lawn chair in the middle of the afternoon with an open book in my lap and a half full bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade on the grass next to me. THAT is unproductive, folks. It’s an art form 🙂

Since I can’t control the march of time, I can present a wholly summer-inspired blog post. When I haven’t been falling asleep in lawn chairs I’ve taken several leisurely drives over to the Queens Farm to pet the sheep, hang out with the clucking egg-laying hens, watch the hardworking young volunteers get hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture and, most of all, to patronize their farm stand. It opens at 12:00 but if you arrive early, like many of us do, you’re treated to the marvelous sight of those young people approaching from the fields pushing wheelbarrows and carrying bushels, all filled to the brim with freshly-picked and trimmed produce. That corn is to die for.


While I was waiting for the farm stand to open I took this picture of a tall, resplendent Helianthus. That’s “sunflower” to you and me. There’s hundreds of them on the farm. I like it against the blue summer sky:


Not as bright and cheerful as my picture, but Egon Schiele’s Sunflowers is unique. Oil on canvas, 1911. Van Gogh wasn’t the only artist to be inspired by these beauties. How could you not be? They’re awesome.


I looked for a work of art with both “farm” and “sun” in the title, and Piet Mondrian served it up splendidly. In a departure from all the traditional farm scenes of green fields, plows, and horses, this is Farm Sun in imaginative colors:


Now, you see the woman in this painting? She’s my hero. You go girl 🙂
In the Sun by Nicolae Vermont:


8 thoughts on “A Place in the Sun

  1. Bill says:

    Ah, yes . . . Summer 🙂 But not exactly my image of NYC — does Donald Trump know about this place? Looks like it needs a casino, don’t you think?

    Enjoy your break — I’m off to a country fair this weekend that features a Blues festival.

    • artmodel says:


      Luckily for the Queens Farm it is part of New York City’s Historic Trust, and cannot be bulldozed for development by Donald Trump and replaced with casinos. Although I do hear that chickens like to gamble 😆

      Your weekend plans sound fun! Hope you enjoyed the fair.
      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Lynn Kauppi says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Schiele despite never thinking his work depicted beauty, just an alternate view of reality.
    Envy you being able to sit outside. Too damned hot here today (over 105) for me to even think about that. Plus it’s our major rainy season and my asthma suffers. Enjoy! (At least I can enjoy books too!)


    • artmodel says:


      Just thinking about temperatures over 105 makes me perspire! We’ve had many days here in the mid-90s though. A fellow asthma sufferer – my cat Jessie – also has a difficult time in the heat, especially when it’s humid.

      I like your description of Schiele. It took me a while to warm up to him but I appreciate his work a lot now.

      Thanks for commenting, and take of yourself!


  3. grier horner says:

    Summer time and the living is easy…

  4. “I mean falling asleep in a lawn chair in the middle of the afternoon with an open book in my lap and a half full bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade on the grass next to me.”

    I think you’ve just won life. 🙂

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