Well hey there gang. How’s everyone doing? I’m enjoying a couple of days off from art modeling after a busy few weeks. Gotta say, it’s quite nice to sleep late, catch up on reading, tend to my houseplants, and get started on spring cleaning. Rather than bore you with the details of propagating succulents from stem cuttings (yes, I love it!) I’ll just subject you to more Led Zeppelin, because as loyal Museworthy readers it’s mandatory that you indulge my love for the greatest rock and roll band of all time. Just kidding, it’s not mandatory. But it is recommended 😉

With spring rolling along nicely, summer is around the bend. This groovy song by Zep has always mad me think of warm, unhurried summer evenings, with bare feet in the grass, the fragrance of night blooming jasmine in the air, and stars in the clear night sky above. From the album Led Zeppelin III, this is “Tangerine” for Music Monday. Enjoy, and I’ll catch you soon!


Nude Blond Woman with Tangerines by Felix Vallotton, 1913:


12 thoughts on “Tangerine

  1. A beautiful song, I listen a lot.

  2. scorpioski says:

    “It’s a song of Love”
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. artmodelandrew says:

    Did you say spring rolling? Mmm… I love spring rolls.

  4. Derek says:

    I remember this song I I first heard this song when I saw them in Australia in 1972 and of course the lovely Earl’s Court in London I should know I was there. I was young back then and I remember seeing this with my old muse and friend Allison Phillips back in the day. Pagey wrote this song and he played on a 12-string guitar but he played double neck on this live.

    I once posted this on my twitter along with my Led Zeppelin photo collections from Earl’s Court and in Knebworth as well as the one in the reunion show in the O2. As I said I was fortunate to see this band live and it was the soundtrack of my life. My children and grandchildren also fancied this band when I rtook them to the O2. “Tangerine” was also featured that Kate Hudosn film. I am now 66 years old and still loving this music from ,my youth and I willl take that to my grave.

    Here is another clip from the mighty Led Zeppelin which is a rare performance in Sydney I know I was there and I had no idea it was ther but boy it brought memories cheers mate

    BTw you are one special tangerine

    • artmodel says:


      For those of us who never got to see Zeppelin live I sometimes wish there were more videos of their performances. Thanks for posting this one of Stairway. I like reading about your concert memories and appreciate you sharing them!


  5. Bill says:

    Could have entitled the posting, “Plant and Plants.”
    Nice clip — is it my imagination, but does the woman in the painting look a little like Robert Plant? (From the neck up, anyway . . .)
    I always expected Page to magically produce a third hand to play that guitar.

    • artmodel says:


      The model in the painting can only wish she had Plant’s luscious locks! Funny observation, by the way 😆
      And if any guitarist had an invisible third hand it would be Page.

      Thanks for your comments!


  6. Peta says:

    Lovely tune by the lads
    This is my dad’s favorite band, he always played it on his car
    We saw them at the O2 seven years ago what a blast with my siblings and nieces and nephews. but keep in mind its best to remember them in their prime rather than go see them as old and grey and may not hit the high notes like he did in “Black Dog” or “rock n’ Roll” Percy had to sing it lower, Jason Bonham did a great job doing his dad’s thing but Bonzo is the rason why Led Zeppelin never got to reunite full time. As my dad said if Bonzo had got the help on his alcoholism maybe he would have been clean and sober and would be playing with Led zeppelin for future generations. Until next time cheers mate

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