Snowy Salutations

Hellooo friends! A warm thank you to those who emailed me concerned that I, and my fellow New Yorkers, would be buried under four feet of snow. Fortunately we’re not, although our friends in New England are having a much tougher time. I could wish Bostonians and their neighbors good luck in dealing with the first big blizzard of 2015 but I know they don’t need it. They’ve dealt with rigorous weather conditions many times and know the drill all too well. So hit the pubs guys! And lob a snowball or two on your walk home 🙂

After a cancelled Tuesday for the storm, my final week posing at Grand Central Academy resumes Wednesday. It’s been a positive experience all around. January has also brought new sessions of private work with my friend Daniel Maidman. Art modeling, since last September, has been roaring with activity and I’m eternally grateful for this windfall period of work opportunities. Fellow freelancers know exactly what I’m talking about.

Daniel is starting a new painting of me. At our first session Daniel, as always, knew exactly what he wanted; for this piece, leaning slightly forward and to one side. And I did it for him. This is his drawing preparation:

2015-01-22 Claudia 01

I will return to more frequent blog postings in the weeks ahead. My brain is percolating with ideas! Let’s meet up here again on Monday for a new music post, shall we? In the meantime, be safe, be warm, and rejoice in the joys, kindnesses, and wonders of each new day.

Love, Claudia

11 thoughts on “Snowy Salutations

  1. Grier Horner says:

    Very nice start. Looking forward to seeing it as it progresses.

  2. Bill says:

    Red Sox pitchers and catchers report on Feb. 20th — less than a month now! Rumor is that they’re going to spend the next 3 weeks deflating their baseballs 🙂

    Nice drawing — thanks to both you and Daniel for sharing. Will also look forward to seeing the progress.

    Have to admit that I’ve missed the Monday music postings, so I’m looking forward to the revival.

    • artmodel says:


      I’m starting to think that you may be the person behind the Red Sox Twitter account. This was posted this morning:

      It’s been too long since we’ve had a Music Monday and I apologize for slacking. But it’s coming back!

      Thanks for your comments.


      • Bill says:

        Great picture, but definitely not me — you can tell because I have not put the words “beautiful” and “snowy” together this week. I confess that my choice of adjectives has not been appropriate for the ears of a Muse 🙂

  3. I’m honored to have work on your blog, Claudia! And it is such a pleasure to be working together again – I’m looking forward to getting started on the painting. 😀

  4. Lynn Kauppi says:

    Your eyes are always so expressive Claudia. Daniel Maidman did a great job in drawing your eyes.


  5. derek says:

    I love this piece that Mr. Maidman did with you and he did capture the essence the grace and the beauty that you possessed and you have been a great inspiration to alot of artists that you have sat for on especially the young college stuidents and art clubs etc.

    I am glad you love the piece I emailed you and you certainly inspired me on a creative venture. Nowadays I am doing watercolors, my granddaughter is now getting into watercolors and she is doing a children’s exhbition in Sydney for children.

    You both did great work toigether that you both should have an exhibition of the works that you collaborated together in the future. That would make a great attraction anyway, I have to go see my doctor bregarding my health issues.

    • artmodel says:


      Good for you, and your granddaughter, doing watercolors! Such a beautiful medium, and challenging to work with. I’ve made many attempts. Can be tricky to control but still enjoyable to handle and have fun with.

      Thanks for your kind comments. I’m glad you like Daniel’s drawing! The painting I’m sure will be something to see. Hope your doctor’s appointment goes well. Health and happiness to you always, friend 🙂


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