Matisse in Town

Hey, hey, hey … what’s going on here?? Is this blog awake?? Has the muse been MIA? She has! Bad blogger! Sorry for the stagnancy, dear readers. The only excuses I have are a brief Internet outage last week, followed by home heating issues that were only temporarily resolved. Still have problems there, and it keeps getting colder! Hopefully it will be fixed before I freeze my heinie off 😆

The first item on the agenda is a bittersweet one. After 5 1/2 years my good friend Fred Hatt has decided to discontinue his superb art and photography blog Drawing Life. He explains his reasons – good ones – in his final post. As much as Fred’s blogging will be missed, his new gainful employment at the Museum of Modern Art is a positive development, and I wish him all the best in the shifting patterns of his life and fresh directions. Good luck Fred!

And MoMA also brings us to the next item which is the highly-anticipated Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition that has now opened and will be on view until February 8th. The excitement surrounding this show has been intense and it’s the most talked about subject lately at all my art modeling jobs. The New York Times review calls it “a Victory Lap”. And the New York Observer calls it “Vibrant, Shocking, Life-Affirming”. Some of Museworthy’s British readers may have seen this spectacular show at the Tate over the summer, where it was a huge smash. Matisse draws crowds, that’s for sure. And it’s understandable. Color, imagination, experimentation … Matisse tested his creative vision to his last day. I won’t miss this show!

Here is Matisse with his cat 🙂


6 thoughts on “Matisse in Town

  1. Bill says:

    I’m not a huge modernist fan, but Matisse is an exception. Oh yes, the color is good, but the sense of line in some of his work is just absolutely beautiful.

    And I do really hope that you manage to retain your heinie. After all, its untimely loss would certainly make seated poses more difficult. 🙂
    (I shouldn’t kid you about that — we lost heat here for a couple of days last Winter and it was a bummer. So I do empathize.)

    P.S. And the best of luck to your friend Fred. Many of us remember (and very much appreciate) his role in the last Museworthy show.

    • artmodel says:


      The plumber is coming tomorrow so my heinie should be saved, I hope! Luckily today is not a cold day.

      I like modernists a little more than you do but your exception of Matisse makes perfect sense. I’m really excited to see the cut-outs in person.

      Thanks for your comments!


  2. Ruby LifeModel says:

    Great show & I was so lucky to see it for free. Do let us know your thoughts once you’ve seen it!

    • artmodel says:


      I sure will! I remember you tweeting about Matisse at the Tate. I was envious! Looking forward to the show at MoMA.

      Hope you’re doing well friend! Thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. caseyklahn says:

    Hi, Claudia!

    Crowds? I made the extra effort to go to St Petersburg, Russia in August to see what the Hermitage had on exhibit. The whole trip to Russia was about Matisse (my favorite artist) and I was B L O W N away by the large exhibit of his large works! And…I was all alone in the museum. It was like a post apocalyptic Omega Man experience, and for me a private audience with the man.

    Okay, enough. You can read about my Matisse conversations at The Hermitage at my blog. It was only a life changing event. Guess what? Next month I will see the cut outs. But wait! There’s more!!! Next year I plan a trip to Nice (that’s right!) to visit the Matisse goodies there.

    Stay well, my friend. Thanks for this post and please give us your report (yes, please!!) of the exhibit when you do go.

    • artmodel says:


      I’ve often fantasized about having a museum all to myself! I think it’s just a reaction to the thick crowds we get at NY museums for the big shows, and people’s heads blocking my sight! Weekends especially can be a nightmare.

      Your story about the Hermitage is great! I love “post apocalyptic Omega Man experience” 🙂 And wow your trip to Nice will be incredible I’m sure. I know well your admiration for Matisse. And by the way, your recent pastel still lifes are absolutely gorgeous. I’m a longtime fan of your work.

      Thanks so much for commenting! Great to hear from you! I will surely post about the Cut-Outs when I see it. Don’t think I’ll be able to take pictures though.


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