Jets and Parasols

The two year refurbishing and redesign of the Metropolitan Museum plaza is finally completed and open to the public. On Saturday after modeling at the National Academy I decided to take a stroll down Fifth Avenue and check out the spanking new space. It was far less elaborate than I had expected, but I soon came to appreciate the sophistication of its simplicity. With elegant new granite, paving stones, trees and fountain, the plaza runs the length of four city blocks along the Museum’s stately entrance. I took a few pictures to share here on the blog.

These red parasols are really cool and provide shaded areas to sit and enjoy the sights of Fifth Avenue:



The fountain is wonderful. The water jets delighted everyone with a gushing, cascading dance:




Now my Museworthy friends, please visit on Wednesday for the next post in which we will have our annual celebration of this blog’s “birth”. Hope you join me! See you soon 🙂

5 thoughts on “Jets and Parasols

  1. Dave says:

    How cool. That fountain looks just like the dancing fountain at Detroit Metro Airport (seen in the 2009 film, “Up In The Air” with George Clooney). Same designer, I wonder?

    I look forward to Wednesday, both for your annual “birth” post and because I’ll be modeling myself that evening.

    • artmodel says:


      Great observation! Yes, I wonder if it’s the same designer. The fountain is definitely the best part of the Met plaza redesign. I enjoyed it.

      And it’s perfect that you’re modeling on Wednesday! I’m working on the image/music/writing for the Museworthy post right now.

      Thanks for your comments, and have good gig!


      • Dave says:


        I looked it up, and it turns out two different designers (both from Los Angeles, curiously) created the fountains at Detroit Metro and in front of the Met in NYC. The one in Detroit is really amazing to watch.

        Looking forward to tomorrow for your post and my gig.


        • artmodel says:


          That is an amazing coincidence that they’re both LA based designers. Interesting! Thanks very much for the info. I wish I could get over to Detroit. I actually have family links to that city.

          Have a great Wednesday! “Blogaversary” post will be up when you check in 🙂


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