So I bitched all summer over not having enough work and now as the summer comes to an end, and art modeling will soon kick into high gear, I’m like NOOOO!! NOT YET!! Okay, I’m a pain in the ass 😆

I suppose since last spring brought a good share of professional aggravation and frustration, I’m feeling some ambivalence about facing the art scene full throttle. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to seeing certain people again that I’m fond of, and faithfully serving in my role as muse. I just hope my middle-aged body cooperates! I did a lot of running, biking, and exercising this summer, but I still could have done more.

I came across this video that I really enjoyed, “Sculpting the Female Torso” by Peter Rubino. Sculpture is amazing in that it begins as amorphous slabs and gradually transforms into a replica of the human form through molding, carving, scooping, and all those wonderful tactile sensations. Once when posing for a sculpture class I saw an artist get fed up with his tools and take out his plastic credit card, which he then used to scrape ridges in the clay with better precision. Sculptors get it done, one way or another. Beautiful final result in this video:


Not to be outdone by the three dimensional molders, artists who use pencil have to “mold” in their own way as well. Lights and darks, as we all know, are the keys to creating form on a piece of paper. This is my torso drawn by my dear friend Daniel daSilva.


Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! Peace and blessings. See you soon 🙂

Love, Claudia

9 thoughts on “Corporeality

  1. stewart says:

    shhhhh…enough with this middle-aged talk…

    shhhhh…you’re not a pain in the ass…

    Claudia you’re *beautiful* both inside and out…

    You will be a *muse* forever…



    • artmodel says:


      You’re very kind, thank you so much 🙂
      I should let go of the “middle-aged” stuff. Unfortunately I’m having trouble with it. Yes, I admit it. But I wholeheartedly accept your offering of “peace”. Same to you, friend. And thanks again!


  2. Bill says:

    Ah, you’re just mourning the passing of Summer — with the anticipation of snow, sleet, gloom of night. . . sigh. I’m going to go downstairs and eat some chocolate 🙂 (My only real justification for being able to eat the chocolate is that you did all that running, bicycling and exercising. Somehow I have to make it all even out, right?)

    Seriously, though, thank you for the very nice video and my compliments to your friend Daniel for his excellent drawing. Maybe it’s just time to get back to the business of creation — and a most beautiful business it is!

    Happy holiday!

    • artmodel says:


      I literally just ate chocolate before I started to write this reply. And I hope the running I did earlier today cancels out the effects 😛

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video and Daniel’s drawing. Indeed, the “business of creation”is just around the corner.

      Thanks for your comments!


  3. fredh1 says:

    Welcome back to musing season – the artists are ready to be inspired!

  4. Derel says:

    Good luck with the art model jobs out there.
    I hope you are alright luv

  5. Derek says:

    btw, I for got the mention the piece that your friend did Daniel da Silva was thast done in pencil or charcooal by any means/
    This looks like something I did when I was with Allison back in 1972, dureing my art college days/

    I also saw that looks similar tp Elaine’s piece she did on this young lady that was posted last year, and I say both brilliant artist. I assume they both went to the Arts Students League I assume. I once went there in the 1970’s when I was young and stupid back then other than my first borns, whop are also the loves of my lives.

    I would have love to do one of those if and when a Museworthy art show will be around I thank you for inspiring me as well as the art models from my past.

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