A Brief Interlude

Hey gang. I’m gonna hit the beach in East Hampton for just a couple of days. It’s a short getaway but a welcome one. As long as the weather cooperates I’m ready to don my bikini and feel warm sand between my toes. I’ll be back very soon, and there’s plenty of blogging to come!

I was going to post a beachy, summery art image, but today was Rembrandt’s birthday so I’m going to honor him instead. Here’s one from the master, Woman in a Doorway, year 1657. Cheers everyone 🙂


8 thoughts on “A Brief Interlude

  1. Jennifer says:

    Have a lovely break 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    We’re all going to show up at the beach in East Hampton with our sketchpads. Reclining poses, anyone? 🙂

    Have a great vacation!

  3. Derek says:

    have a great time luv

  4. fredh1 says:

    So far the weather’s been pretty good! Have a great break!

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