Summer in Full Swing

Helloooooo friends! It seems that I left this blog in the hands of Gaston and Isabel for the past week. And what have I been doing in the meantime? Nothing particularly interesting. A little summer reading, a little gardening, a little bike riding.

As the hot temperatures have set upon us and a hurricane pounds up the east coast this Fourth of July weekend, I’d like to offer my yearly Auntie’s brag about my niece Olivia. She just completed the 6th grade with stellar marks and, to top it off, won the end of year award for “sportsmanship in softball”. Yeah Olivia! At the age of 11 she’s already a better athlete than I’ve ever been. My brother took this picture of Olivia at the last game of the season. As you can see, she’s contemplating her strategy for her next at bat. Love this girl 🙂


Olivia is now enrolled in summer day camp and having a blast. My brother is immersed in music composing jobs, my sister-in-law is doing some renovations at the country house in the Catskills, and Mom is working on paintings for her solo art show in the fall (more on that to come). As for me? Just taking life one day at a time, anticipating a summer of afternoon sunbathing in the park, some writing, volunteering, plenty of reading, visiting friends, going to church, and, lo and behold, some art modeling! Yes I actually have gigs booked in July. I had to hustle and harass for them, but I got them all the same.

I wish everyone a fabulous weekend whether you will have rain or shine, mild breezes or stuffy humidity. Happy Fourth of July! Be safe, be joyful, be grateful. I’ll see you all very soon. Peace, friends.

Central Park, New York City, July 4th, watercolor, Maurice Prendergast, circa 1903:


10 thoughts on “Summer in Full Swing

  1. Derek says:

    I am glas everything is going well on your life with the art modeling and other projects in mind. I am also glad for your niece she kind of looks like a splitting image of you like a younger version. I am also glad for your brother still making art with music. After all music is an art , if you can create and share it with the world then go for it. and a wonderful composer I checked his website and he looks in the picture like a take charge of his art I know that Elaine is making some new art for her art show bless her I wish her great success for her. She emailed me some of her work and she is awesome as an artist god bless her.

    I am also glad for you that you are doing something that you love being a great conceptual artist as a muse that you give continued inspiration to us artists from around the world as well in your community. and give us a great education on history of the arts even some that are considered obscure something that we were not aware until now like the last posting. I am so glad with that wonderful family of yours doing what they love . Although I am not american but I wish you and the rest of your family and friends a happy holidays to you all and be good to one another.

    • artmodel says:


      I really appreciate your warm sentiments, thank you 🙂
      Family is so important. The most important thing. I pray for my family every day.

      I will share updates and information about Mom’s show as it approaches. It’s not until October so still plenty of time. And you aren’t the first person who has remarked that Olivia looks like me! I’m not sure I agree but I’ll take it, as she is a very pretty, lovely young girl.

      Great to hear from you, as always.


  2. Bill says:

    Both a singer and an athlete — she’s already ahead of me, too. The Catskills, more work, a solo art show — now if we could just get the Mets and the Red Sox on track. . . 🙂 Happy 4th!

    • artmodel says:


      If you asked a random Met fan around here they’d say that a managerial change is needed to get the team on track. Yes, a winning Mets team would be a nice topper to the summer list! I wouldn’t count on it happening though.

      Happy 4th to you too, friend 🙂


      • Bill says:

        Okay, let’s see. It should be someone with proven managerial capability, knowledge of the team . . . I’ve got it! Bobby Valentine!

        • artmodel says:


          I hear that Bobby Valentine intends to to return to major league managing and baseball mayhem as soon as he completes his intensive therapy for narcissistic personality disorder 😆


  3. Dave says:

    Happy 4th, Claudia! My younger daughter, almost 11, is a lot like your niece–a far better athlete than I ever was, excelling on her travel soccer and softball teams. And. best of all for me, she’s a huge Tigers fan, so we’re going to yet another game tomorrow.

    I hope your weekend is similarly relaxing.

    • artmodel says:


      Isn’t it great when they excel at sports? Your daughter is doing so well! They learn sportsmanship, discipline, physical fitness, etc. Have fun at the Tigers game!

      Thanks for your comments, and enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂


  4. Jennifer says:

    A lovely photo of your niece. Hope you had a really good 4th of July and well done for getting some summer gigs! Nice painting too 🙂

    • artmodel says:

      Thanks Jennifer! Lovely to hear from you.
      The summer gigs are scantier than I’d prefer, but work is work and I’ll take what I can get.

      Hope all is well across the pond!


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