Model to the Grindstone

Helloooooo!! Greetings friends. I trust you’ve all filed your taxes, completed spring cleaning, and renewed your car inspections since I lasted posted? Because I’ve done all of it! 😆

Ok, I lied. I haven’t done any of those things. But they’re all in progress. I have a valid excuse for procrastinating, though, which is that I’ve been studio-bound working my heinie off at art modeling. Because it’s what I do. And I am a dreadful time-budgeter. The worst. Also, I had a a brief rant on Twitter the other day in which I vented some frustrations, but it’s passed now thank god. Behold the bitchfest here and here. My fellow art model Andrew heard my grievances loud and clear. Thanks friend.

For some visual proof of my daily grind, this is me posing on Long Island’s north shore. From the expression on my face it looks like I retained some residual “don’t mess with me, I’m a professional model” attitude from last week. Well, it had been a long day and Rob Silverman took this reference photo at the end of the session. It was very nice of him to send me the pic. Rob and I have known each other for years. He’s an excellent teacher. This was the agreed upon pose set-up for painting. They wanted nude with fabric and they got it. Throw in light, shadow, and color, and you’ve got the essentials of studio art. Satin, baby 😉


12 thoughts on “Model to the Grindstone

  1. Derek says:

    I would love to do a painting of this photograph
    I am getting more inspiration .
    This place looks like the Arts Students League I have not been to that place since the late 1970’s. Very cold that day when I was once there.. Anyway I love the satin sheet while baring your soul like a butterfly with strength and in control that is what I see.And I saw a great gift from you that you have been inspiring me as an artist. Have you ever worked there . You would be great for that place. Although I won’t be there since I live in Australia. I know you will get along well there. It is so historical and even that Rockwell chap was there whom I love the works of him.

    I hope you are all fine. I recently received an email from your mum and she was very sweet to give me a nice compliment the piece I did on you based on her piece. I thought she would be mad at me I was scared to even see the mail ready to apologize. But it was a complimentary email and she did love the piece and I did thanked her for her inspiring illustration. with the background colors. As I said I sold the painting at the art gallery in Sydney and this lady in her 60’s decided to buy the piece and would love to have it in her mantle piece.In that gallery I had my three exes and children and grandchildren and then came an old muse of mine who I haven’t seen since the 1970’s. I thought she would age but she looks almost the same. I guess the yoga helped after all its been 41 years, and we even talked about doing something together in the future while we are still alive .

    I have to say if that piece that you and your mum did creatively together I would have not been doing the piece or even saw my old mate. Thank you mate and your mum. anyway have a great weekend …..


    • artmodel says:


      Congratulations on selling the painting! That’s wonderful. By the way, my mother rarely gets “mad” and she would never ever get mad over her artwork inspiring another! She’s a kind, generous person.

      And I did work at the Art Students League, years ago, for quite a while. I made some very good friends there and consider it the place where I cut my teeth as an artist’s model. I eventually left the League voluntarily because of administrative issues and how the place is run. Also, their treatment of models could be better. But it is, like you said, a legendary institution with an impressive history. The photo in this post was taken in an art studio on Long Island.

      Thanks for your comments, Derek!


  2. cauartprof says:

    Gorgeous! Lucky painting students there. Also loved the Raphael drawings from last week. Good luck with the taxes!

  3. peter howard says:

    love the pose, pete x

  4. Dave says:

    Nice pose, Claudia! I’ve never been asked to pose with a cloth or piece of fabric like that. Must not be a guy thing. Too bad.


  5. Lynn Kauppi says:

    Oh my God Claudia! That is such a lovely pose. And your facial expression is so beautiful! You are so talented. If I lived in the New York area, I’d have to take up life drawing again. Can’t afford it at present.


    • artmodel says:


      Well if you ever do make it to the NY area you must let me know! A return to life drawing would be a wonderful thing.

      Thanks so much for your comments. Good to hear from you! Hope you are feeling well.


  6. Eric Clayton says:

    Hi Claudia,
    That is a classic pose. I love the coloured satin, the pose and your expression.
    Regards Eric

    • artmodel says:

      Eric, thanks! People seem to like my expression … more than I do it seems! But yes the sitting pose with the fabric does look quite good.

      Appreciate your comments.


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