Sketches, Update, and a Workshop

Greetings friends! Here at home on this Friday day off and I’m doing model preparation for a weekend-long portrait workshop taught by the esteemed Max Ginsburg. What is involved in preparing for a portrait workshop you ask? Not much really except for an exfoliating facial treatment and hair-trimming, all self-imposed I might add. I’ve got my scrub and scissors ready! Must look lovely for Max 🙂

Now just a reminder that the deadline for Museworthy Art Show submissions – December 8th – is rapidly approaching. A few have sent their pieces already, but I know many of you are still in the planning/creating stage and have yet to submit. That’s fine of course. I trashed the first one I did and am starting anew. I’d also like to assure any readers out there who may still be ambivalent about participating that your contribution is absolutely, positively welcome! Please know that. This is an event for all of us to enjoy. So if you’re still hesitant for any reason, view the image choices again and go for it! I am your humble model at your service.

I’ll leave you all with some quick warm-up sketches of me created by the photographer behind those splendid Art Show selections, my good friend Fred Hatt. From a session at Figureworks Gallery, Fred does what he always does so well, which is capture in just a few loose lines the movement of my crouches, contortions, stretches, and twists – all the spontaneous gestures we models strike when we have to change poses on the minute.





17 thoughts on “Sketches, Update, and a Workshop

  1. Grier Horner says:

    Fred’s good. Quick, sure strokes.

  2. Yes, Fred’s work with you here is really amazing, and so *you.* Please report from Ginsburg’s workshop!

    • artmodel says:


      The workshop was long, pretty tiring, but a really good experience! Interesting thing was that Ginsburg decided to do nude figure, instead of portrait, on the second day. Honestly I had never seen that happen before, not for a workshop that was designated as portrait. But I didn’t mind at all! He also did great demos and talks.

      Thanks for your comments! And I agree completely about Fred’s sketches. They’re great.


      • Dave says:

        Did you have your full model bag with you when he called that audible on the second day? Or did you have to wing it?

        Several times I’ve gone to open sessions to draw but ended up on the platform when the model didn’t show. So I always take my bag with me when I go draw, but it wouldn’t occur to me to bring the full bag (e.g., robe, towel) if I had been booked for a portrait session.

        I hope you got paid more for your willingness to go along with his change of plans.


        • artmodel says:


          Regarding the pose change, Max didn’t spring it on us on Sunday. He floated the idea to me and my co-model John on Saturday, so we had some heads up, which was good. No change in pay though. We got the flat rate for both portrait and figure.

          As for my full bag I generally bring it to all gigs just to be safe. And your story about going to draw and ending up filling in for the no-show model? That happened to me once too!

          Thanks for your comments!


          • Dave says:

            It’s happened to me twice. The first time was with a group where I had never been before, so no one knew me or that I modeled until I finally spoke up as the coordinator was calling off the session. The second time was with a group where I had modeled before, so everyone turned and looked at me when the coordinator announced the no-show. Both sessions turned out to be great–everyone was grateful that I stepped up (literally).

            When you filled in, did they know in advance you were a model?

            • artmodel says:


              Yes they did. It happened at Spring Studio where I work regularly and everyone knows me as a model. One of the rare times I went there to draw, and I was happy to fill in.


  3. Bill says:

    Excellent sketches — especially liked the rhythm of the lines.
    Funny — I’ve never gotten up in the morning and said to myself, “I think I’ll exfoliate today.” Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing something 🙂

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, capturing the “rhythm” of a model’s movement is something Fred does almost better than anybody. As for exfoliating, I highly recommend it! 😆


  4. Jennifer says:

    Always good to see some quick sketches by Fred!
    Unfortunately, my mother’s in hospital so not sure whether I’ll get anything done for the Museworthy show – ill have to see how it goes. But I shall enjoy seeing everyone else’s works, that’s for sure!

    • Derek says:


      My regards to your mum and I hope she gets better and my prayers are with you coming from meself who has battled illness. Anyway My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mum. Take your time on the illustrations. God bless you,


    • artmodel says:


      I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s hospitalization. I’ll be praying that all goes well. You need not concern yourself with submitting a piece to the Museworthy Art Show as you clearly have more important things going on. You’re in my thoughts.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Derek – that’s very kind of you and much appreciated. I’ve often read your comments on Museworthy and am aware that you’ve had a tough time battling illness. I wish you all the very best too.

  6. derek says:

    These are lovely sketches reminds me of the pop art.
    He has a good eye when it comes to capturing your image. You are one great muse. You have done some great collaborations with these talented artists.
    He photographs you and illustrates you very well I have great admiration to your mate. I hope I can do with Allison if she were to come out of retirement after all its been 40 years since I illustrated her. Then again she may not be the same as she was years ago.

    I look forward to the artists who worked with you on the Museworthy Art Show on the 15th of December. Him along with Daniel Maidman and of course your lovely mum Elaine , what do they all have in common they have a great eye for the arts and have illustrated you well. I hope I did you justice with my only piece I did, you too inspired me creatively since Allison Phillips since 1973.

    I also included the piece with a third image which is the reclining piece I think it should be included after all you are legendary for that lovely pose. Let me know what you think luv….

    Derek James Tewey
    Brisbane, Australia

    • artmodel says:


      I think you should get Allison out of retirement! What an amazing reunion that would be. I bet even after 40 years she is not much changed in the sense that we all remain our fundamental selves, in essence and spirit, throughout our lives. Now physically, that’s a different matter! 😆

      Yes, Fred Hatt draws me and photographs me like no one else. Our friendship and collaboration are rich and strong.

      Thanks for your great comments!


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