Art in the City

Helloooo helloooo! Greetings after an exhausting week of dressing and undressing, modeling, subway riding,  coffee-guzzling, irregular sleeping, and looking for Banksy 😆 The elusive British street artist is whooping it up on a month-long tagging spree in our fair city.  The Art Students League posted a funny tweet about it. Indeed, most New Yorkers are getting a kick out of Banksy’s escapades, except of course for our killjoy mayor Mike Bloomberg who wants him arrested. I’m not a huge graffiti art enthusiast but the unpredictable “guerilla” approach embodied by guys like Bansky is kind of exciting and spirited. Besides, anyone who pisses off Mayor Bloomberg is okay in my book. Go Banksy!

In other news, the Museum of Modern Art’s “Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926 – 1938” exhibit is now on view. I haven’t seen it yet but I definitely will, as Magritte is one of my favorite surrealists. The Met is sharing some extraordinary etchings from 18th century France in “Artists and Amateurs” surely a must-see for printmaking buffs. And the Armory Show at the NY Historical Society is celebrating 100 years of a landmark art event. The collection of American and European modern and avant-garde works has something for everyone.

And now a work of art created right here in the city. Not it’s not Bansky, haha, but a portrait of me painted by my friend Francisco Malonzo at the National Academy. He posted this piece on Twitter and it generated a tremendous response of raves and retweets. It thrills me that I was the model for a work that impressed so many. Francisco’s work has appeared on Museworthy before: this post from August and this one from 2012. I am honored to post his work again. This is Claudia 3, acrylic on clayboard:


Last but not least, the images for the Museworthy Art Show are being downloaded fairly evenly among the four choices, which is great! Yes one of them is definitely leading the pack in popularity, but not by a super large margin. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates!

That’s all for now friends. Peace, be well, and I’ll see you very soon 🙂

15 thoughts on “Art in the City

  1. Bill says:

    Lot of stuff going on . . . I’m looking forward to the upcoming exhibition at the Frick — hoping to get down to NYC to see it:
    That is a nice portrait — glad that it’s getting a positive response 🙂
    P.S. How ’bout them Red Sox! Too bad we got rid of Bobby Valentine, eh?

    • cauartprof says:

      Hi Bill,
      The Dutch show coming to the Frick was just in Atlanta. It was fantastic, you are in for a treat. Go Red Sox (have family in Boston area)!

      • Bill says:

        Thanks, Chris — now I’m really getting psyched about the Frick show.

        My problem is that I’m a Boston guy, but my wife comes from St. Louis. Don’t remember covering that possibility in our wedding vows 🙂

      • artmodel says:


        The Frick show looks amazing! Thanks for the advance review 🙂


    • artmodel says:


      I can’t believe I forgot to include the Frick exhibit! Thanks for the reminder. And I hope you do get down here to see it.

      Congrats on the Red Sox! I stayed up to watch the end of the game. Great win. See what happens when Bobby Valentine gets canned? 😆

      Thanks for your comments!


  2. Derek says:

    This is an interesting story of art in the city, now I am not a fan of graffiti art but his one that Blansky displayed seems very decent work.Looks like a MOMA exhibition.

    I fancied Magritte’s paintings very surrealist painting I have been a fan of his work. It reminded me of James Gleeson the Aussie surrealist painter check out his work on this link
    btw, Magritte’s painting of the Green Apple is based on the Beatles’ Apple Records.

    I have been working on the first two pieces of the images you presented
    I am making it in one image combined. II know you are gonna love what I did and you have inspired me to make this piece. I will do one for you for the art show but I would also want to also email you a piece for your mum since she is a fellow artist and understands your artistic integrity for her to have on her wall of her house if that is OK with you and she has shown her pride of what you have done for artists like us.

    Have a great weekend

    • artmodel says:


      Got your email with the images, thank you! I love what you’re doing.
      And thanks for the link to James Gleeson. Really interesting work. I’ve always had a soft spot for surrealism and surrealist-inspired work.


  3. scorpioski says:

    Thanks as always for expanding my universe.
    You rock on so many levels it’s almost too much.

  4. Derek says:

    I have a link that is similar to surrealism this by a former UK pop star name Paul Roberts, who was the lead singer of this one hit wonder band Sniff in the Tears (aka “Driver’s Seat). He does incredible art work. He is now 65 living in London here is a link to take a look at some of his works I have been to one of his exhibitons.
    If its OK with you.

    Brisband, Australia

    PS. Peta sends her regards from London

  5. Grier Horner says:

    Hi, Claudia, I posted another of my computer altered photos of you on my blog on Oct. 15. There are photos of a young woman who has modeled for me on Oct. 21.
    The portraits Francisco Malonzo did of you are tremendous.

  6. Jennifer says:

    A lovely portrait!

    Hope you enjoyed the Magritte, if you’ve had chance to go yet. I’ll bet Banksy managed to avoid arrest 🙂

    • artmodel says:


      Haven’t been to Magritte yet, but hopefully soon! And yes Banksy was left alone to do his thing. He caused quite a stir here during his “residency”. We New Yorkers had a lot fun with it 🙂

      Glad you liked the portrait, thank you!


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