Studio Flowers

I’d like to thank everyone again for the sweet comments on the Museworthy birthday post. I usually give individual replies, but I decided this time to let them stand on their own. Thanks also for the emails! Please know that I loved and appreciated every one. Year seven of this blog is now underway 🙂

It’s hugely appropriate that during the same week of Museworthy’s birthday another notable New York art community birthday took place. Minerva Durham, founder and director of the one and only Spring Studio, celebrated her 75th. We had a party last Sunday, and I returned the very next day for afternoon modeling. During a long pose in which I had to hold my gaze in one spot for forty minutes, the subject of my stare was the opposite wall, where Minerva’s birthday flowers still sat atop the bookcases. I thought they looked so pretty, so I snapped a picture on my break. The yellows of the roses and sunflowers are “framing” a red pencil drawing by Gary Katz, whose exhibit “Multiple Perspectives” was just on view at the studio.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody! Catch you right back here on Monday 🙂

3 thoughts on “Studio Flowers

  1. Jennifer says:

    Happy birthday Minerva! It was a pleasure to meet her when I went to Spring Studio.

  2. Peta Kylie Tewey says:

    another milestone to your employer and friend wow 75 years that is the same age as my employer whom I work at the college that I work for. Tip my hat to you.

    I heard that studio is very bohemian and quiet and organic from what I saw in a clip on youtube. I saw a clip of your boss she seemed very nice and very motherly there. btw who is that delicious young man he is cute.I luv his body. here is a clip I found mate and happy birthday to her cheers mate.

    PS. my dad sends his regards from hospital he will be back next week I reckon.

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