Sunday Miscellany

Helloooooo everyone!  I hope this blog post finds you all well. Sorry for disappearing since Tuesday. The week got a little busy. The main event was my Mom returning from her trip to France, and what a thoroughly marvelous time she had with the ladies! When my brother and I caught the first glimpse of her pulling her suitcase through the Air France arrival terminal, gleefully waving her hand at us and so beautiful in a white blouse and silver hoop earrings, it was obvious that the trip had done her a world of good. Mom was positively glowing. It’s great to have her back. So between Provence and Paris, what was the standout experience according to Mom? The Musee d’Orsay hands down. Just the Degas works in the collection were alone enough to enamor Mom with the museum, which is truly one of the best in the world. I haven’t been there in 20 years, but I remember well what an art lovers heaven the place is.

Mom also came home bearing gifts for loved ones and friends. She honored my request which was “any perfume from Guerlain, Chloe, or Chanel”, as I am a hopeless fragrance junkie. So she brought me a exquisite perfume from Guerlain. Yay Mom!

My brother and I went to see – or I should say hear – the “Soundings” exhibit at MoMA. Really fascinating. Installation art at it’s best in my opinion. It didn’t hurt that I was accompanied by a composer. Chris’ keen understanding of recording music and the nature of sound made the experience all the more illuminating for me.

In about two weeks time, I will post the images and particulars for the Museworthy Art Show. I’m thinking that the show itself will take place sometime in December, that way we all have plenty of time to create our works. Readers will have a choice of poses – a reclining, a sitting, a standing, and possibly a portrait. Stay tuned!

My beloved Mets are wrapping up a less-than-spectacular season. The team gave us some good moments but overall they sucked. The playoffs however should be exciting, as baseball playoffs usually are. How does a Pirates vs Red Sox World Series sound?

Lastly, I want to share some terribly sad news about a dear member of the Spring Studio community. Julia Foote, a wonderful artist and warm, lovely person, died on August 23rd in a car accident in Ephraim, Wisconsin. Julia taught a Wednesday morning class on the Nicolaides life drawing method. The news of her death was shocking and tragic to all of us who knew her. The one and only time I ever overslept and failed to show up for a modeling assignment was for Julia’s class. It was years ago, and I remember feeling completely mortified. Of course, Julia was not angry and assured me that it happens to everyone at least once. Since that awful screwup, I posed many times for Julia’s drawing sessions which were distinctly hers in spirit and style. For us models she was a absolute pleasure to work with. My oversleeping incident became a running joke between us, and we shared many a good-natured laugh about the whole thing. I will miss Julia very much. Rest in peace, friend.

It’s getting late, and I’m very much in need of a good night’s sleep. Some art until next time, this is Muse on Pegasus by Odilon Redon, 1900:


9 thoughts on “Sunday Miscellany

  1. Derek says:

    First end foremost a welcome home to your mum Elaine
    I am you had a great time and being creative in a place for artist to find a mission for inspiration. I am glad thinks are going smoothly for you and I look forward to your pieces at the Museworthy Art Gallery. I did one of your luvely daughter. She is such a an inspiration for us artist and I saw one of her photos she did of Fred and it made me want tp participate for it . I am doing the reclining pose that she has been legendary of it in classical form. Welcome back, Elaine.

    Any to Claudia
    I am glad you are both together and safe. and I want to pay my respects to your friend Julia. It must be a great loss of this wonderful lady you have talked about I have never met personally but based on what I read she sounds like a wonderful spirit and nurturing to the students and the models and very maternal. And a great teacher. Rest in Peace.

    I am looking forward to the artists’ work based on you and your legendary poses. All the best to you both…

    • artmodel says:


      Thanks for your lovely comments, as always 🙂
      I too am looking forward to the artwork submissions for our art show. Like I stated in the post, we will all have plenty of time to create our pieces. Thanks also for your condolences about Julia. The tragic news was especially hard for Minerva Durham, the director of Spring Studio and longtime friend of Julia’s.


  2. Bill says:

    It all sounds great — and I do like your idea about the World Series 🙂 But I am sorry about the loss of your friend. That is hard. At least, judging from the paintings on her website as well as your story, it sounds like she led a celebratory life.

    • artmodel says:


      Julia certainly did have a full and interesting life. It’s hard to imagine her no longer teaching the terrific Nicolaides class at Spring Studio.

      I wonder if my World Series prediction will come true! We’ll see 🙂

      Thanks for your comments!


  3. Peta Tewey says:

    G’day mate
    I am real sorry about your loss, she must be very special to you I reckon. I know about loss, I lost my old boyfriend Colin a few years back. And believe me my heart goes out to you and to her family. As Derek said previously , I don’t know her personally but she seemed like a very nice lady and a good teacher at the Studios that you worked in.

    What was it like working with her on those days and can you recall any good moments you had with her. I will tell you about a special professor and she was like a second mum to me and she was very professional with the students and with the models. She is now 76 and about to retire next year and I will miss her cause she was very good to me and she paid me very well, and I will always be grateful to her.

    Anyway a good hello for your mummy for me


    • artmodel says:


      Apart from the story of me oversleeping and failing to show up for Julia’s class, what I remember most about working with her was the particular type of posing required for her session. Julia taught the Nicolaides method for which models have to do extensive movement. I mean literally MOVING. She paid me the most generous comments for my modeling and I was so gratified by her kind words. I might write a blog post about Nicolaides and the unique approach to life drawing he pioneered.

      How difficult that must have been for you when your boyfriend passed away. I’m so sorry to hear that. The most harrowing loss I’ve ever had to handle was my father’s in 2004 😥

      Thanks for sharing your comments! Hope all is well down your way.


  4. Brian says:

    Claudia – I’m truly sorry to hear about your friend Julia…and of all places – Wisconsin. Not that there is much solace in this, but at least she was in the heart of the Door County art world.

    • artmodel says:


      I always think of you whenever anything to do with Wisconsin comes up. I’m not kidding! You are my sole connection to the state. I remember so well my visit to Appleton and meeting your lovely family. Perhaps if we had been a little older, or if I had already become an artist’s model, we could have explored the art offerings of Door County. But I guess we compensated instead with a hefty amount of beer drinking 😉

      Thanks for your comments! So good to hear from you.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Glad your mum had such a fantastic trip to France!
    Was very sorry to hear about the death of one of Spring Studio’s teachers – a huge shock for the NYC art community.
    Always lovely to see an Odilon Redon image, to whom Museworthy introduced me 🙂

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