Sketch and Emily

The Body grows without —
The more convenient way —
That if the Spirit — like to hide
Its Temple stands, alway,

Ajar — secure — inviting —
It never did betray
The Soul that asked its shelter
In solemn honesty

— Emily Dickinson

Me by Bob Palevitz, created at Spring Studio:


8 thoughts on “Sketch and Emily

  1. Jennifer says:

    What could be better – Emily Dickinson and a rather lovely sketch of you. It complements the poem beautifully.

  2. derek says:

    Same goes for me
    The poem is beautiful and the piece of you by the artist is bloody brilliant.I have one of Peta in that position that I have in the mantelpiece if my home as do my favorite muse Allison whom I still think of her after 40 years
    Hope you have a great luvely day

  3. Bill says:

    Beautiful posting — both components.

  4. T.O. Fife says:

    I like that there is a sense of movement in the drawing even though you are seated. I also see you could not leave your background alone after all . . .

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, there is a great sense of movement in Bob’s drawing. That’s what quick sketches demonstrate so well. And I did go back to tinkering with the blog background. Thanks for noticing!


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