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Greetings on a beautiful Sunday in New York! Hope this post finds you all well. I’m here to make an announcement of sorts, nothing that will alter the course of history or send shock waves into the universe! But something I’d like to share with my readers. I’ve started a second blog. Yay! It’s called The Salt Marsh. For those of you who are interested (and I hope many of you are) I suggest reading  the “About” page first.  And I might as well inform everyone now that there won’t be any nudity on The Salt Marsh. Stick with Museworthy for that 😉

There are probably thousands upon thousands of nature photoblogs out there. I enjoy many of them myself. I’ll try to make The Salt Marsh unique somehow. Mostly it’s an opportunity for me to hone my photography skills, find a bit of peace from time to time, and deepen my connection to the natural habitats that exist right in my own neighborhood. I doubt I will post there as frequently as I do on Museworthy, as blogging can be quite time consuming. There are people who maintain multiple blogs – four, five, etc – and I don’t how they do it! Either way, if  some Museworthy readers choose to follow me there also that would lovely. And perhaps I’ll earn a new crop of readers as well.

Speaking of Museworthy, I will be posting the submission information for the Art Show very soon. We’ll have a new photo to commemorate Museworthy’s blog birthday on September 24th, in keeping with tradition. So Fred and I figured we’d wait until that picture is taken, as it may be one of the choices if it turns out to be a great one.

I actually have two modeling gigs this week, can you believe it? And before Labor Day, wow. It’s a miracle! 😆 Work is slowly coming back, and the summer is winding down. New blog, new season, fresh new discoveries on the horizon. I hope you all continue to share these experiences with me. Cheers friends! See you soon.

5 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. Jennifer says:

    Glad some new work is coming in, even though the return of the modelling schedule means a slide down into winter – but over here we’ve actually had a proper summer this year, so we can’t complain (though we’re British and we will!). But before I used to equate autumn with the start of winter, I used to regard it as the start of new possibilities, as it’s so linked to the start of the academic year, and an exciting time – which indeed it still is.

    • artmodel says:


      It’s interesting because people usually associate spring with “newness”, which is understandable. Growth, rebirth, and all that. But the fall season carries it’s own quality of renewal too. As you said, it ushers in new academic years, start of school, and new art exhibitions/retrospectives tend to open in the fall as well. Plus big movie openings, even fall “Fashion Week” which creates a lot of buzz here in NY.

      Glad to hear you had a good summer over there. Our forecast indicates a few more hottish days – temps in upper 80s – but the weather, especially lately, has been lovely overall.

      Thanks for your comments!


  2. derel says:

    I am looking forward to submitting my artwork that I had in mind. I always thought Fred should do a black and white photo of you with a black background and you should do a female version of the 1983 Mapplethorpe image, I thought that was a beautiful but string image and vulnerability. I always picture you doing that image with your eyes closed and covering down like that young man. I am doing a similar image of that one I was inspired by that iconic photo and I want to a female version of it.

    Have a great weekend

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