9 thoughts on “élan

  1. Andrew says:

    The painting makes me think you are sitting on a speeding subway car at night.

  2. Dave says:

    Like Andrew, I see fast motion in a dark place. Was this produced from a single sitting?

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, a single sitting. Three hour class.
      Thanks for your comment!


      • Dave says:

        I just signed up yesterday to model for a portrait session in October. I don’t usually do portrait sessions, but I’d be thrilled if something as interesting as that piece comes from it.


        • artmodel says:


          The more modeling one does, the more one sees a great variety of styles, techniques, and interpretations. It’s one of the great joys of this work as you know. I’m sure many surprises await you!


  3. Jennifer says:

    Has a look of emerging from the shadows – a very effective piece and shall look at the artist’s website.
    Enjoyed the Rodin quote.

  4. derek says:

    The background has water an it reminded me of water in the background, like it done in oil or something even though it is done in acrylics

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