Summer Shortfall

Slowest. Summer. Ever. Those three words just about sum up my modeling schedule for the next two months. Yes, summers are typically slow, but this year is easily the slowest ever in my experience. Such is the nature of freelance work that is seasonal in nature, and I’ve touched on this topic in previous posts. Some summer classes don’t get enough enrollment which leads to cancellations. And small private groups often suspend for the summer. So here I am; a model without a platform, a muse without a studio, a blogger without material. Cue the violins. Waaah! 😥

Model in the studio, 1900, by photographer Heinrich Zille:


Just kidding about the violins, of course. Don’t cry for me Argentina and hold the Kleenex. I shall make the best of it. Besides, this situation is partially my own fault. A few weeks ago, when the time was ripe to reach out and pursue summer bookings (which requires more initiative than during the regular school year) I was distracted with personal problems. So I kind of dropped the ball.

But I do have some work written in my calendar. I also have a few books on my summer reading list, volunteer opportunities at the local children’s hospital, the summer festival of Sacred Music at St. Bart’s, and museum exhibits I”m dying to see, namely Edward Hopper drawings at the Whitney Museum. As long as the restless need to model doesn’t make me completely cuckoo, it should be an interesting and fulfilling summer of discovery, leisure and, well, sunbathing 🙂 And should my phone ring out of the blue with an offering for a modeling gig, I’ll take it!


10 thoughts on “Summer Shortfall

  1. cauartprof says:

    Sorry things are slow but it sounds like you have a plan. What a great photo! Apparently Heinrich Zille was quite a character (in addition to making some wonderful reference photos for prints and drawings). Hope the Hopper show is good. Would be interesting to get your take on Hopper’s sole use of his wife Jo as his model, particularly from your vantage point as a professional muse. An article for publication? I see your artist pal Daniel Maidman is writing for Huffington Post.

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, Heinrich Zille’s Wikipedia page is quite interesting. He does sound like a character, with an odd sense of humor!

      When I see the Hopper show I won’t be able to take pictures, unfortunately. No photography allowed at special exhibitions. But I’ll use my best descriptive skills to share the experience with my readers.
      Speaking of descriptive skills, my friend Daniel Maidman is doing some fabulous writing for the Huffington Post, as you mentioned.

      Thanks for your comments!


  2. Bill says:

    So . . . is it the Vineyahd this year? Nantucket? (And yes, I’d also be interested to hear your take on the Hopper show.)

    • artmodel says:


      Summer vacation plans are still up in the air. Financial issues are a concern this year, but we’ll see. I’m in a very Nantucket mood myself 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. I have been fallowing your blog, only recently. I didn’t realize you are an artist model. I will be moving to NY to attend the Beaux-Art Atelier, and have been an instructor at the ARA Boston. Enjoy the sun while you can. Ill be plain art painting.

    • artmodel says:


      How wonderful that you’re coming to NY to study! You do beautiful work. I have never modeled at the Atelier but perhaps I should!

      Thanks for commenting and visiting Museworthy. Hope you continue to read 🙂


  4. derek says:

    I always thought they have classes during the summer time in NYC. The kids usually have summer classes during the six weeks. I have no idea about it.I am sure you will get some bookings in the future from your employers.You still work for the Fashion Institute Of Technology? It’s a very nice school there. Two of my children were students there. I don’t know if they ever illustrated you but they went there back in the 1990’s, before they went to Sydney.

    Peta once studied there for one year and she did enjoy NY. She has aspiration to be a novelist maybe talk about her life as an art model or write about mysteries. Now she is on vacation in London, and is doing some work there as studying.

    Summer comes and goes, but keep positive. I say write a book as I suggested to you like all this material that you have on this site. Make it very cathartic and with a lot of feeling to it. on your days off from work.
    I always luv your knowledge of history of the arts like the portrait on the blog.

    I always luv your stories the way you tell them. I assume that you once taught art history in middle schools or colleges I assume. You have such intelligence.I know about Edward Hopper he is a genius Of course I fancied Dali and Arthur Boyd and Rick Amor both Aussies. You should take a look at some of their works I will put a link if you like if that is OK with you.

    Have a great summer luv and stay strong and big hug to your mum from me


    • artmodel says:


      Yes I work at FIT, have for many years. It is a terrific school with a reasonable tuition compared to other art schools. The students there are generally enthusiastic and hard-working. And the course curriculum is extensive, not just art, fashion, and illustration but photography, jewelry design, marketing and merchandising, textile design, interior design. and a lot more.

      Thanks for posting the links to those Australian artists. Great work! Rick Amor’s paintings are very Hopper-like, I like it 🙂

      Thanks as always for your wonderful comments and thoughts.


  5. John Pisarcik says:

    If your in pittsburgh for any reason this summer over a weekend I’ll book you for a 6 hour drawing session. 🎻

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