Study in Saffron

I’d like to say that the picture I’m posting here is some sort of homage to pop art or digital creativity but that would be a lie. All I did was doctor a photo of myself out of sheer boredom. They say that “idle hands are the devil’s playthings”. I would modify that to “idle hands are the sulker’s time waster”. Man am I in a shiftless, dejected funk. So just for the hell of it I decided to bathe myself in yellow, a choice meant to be ironic in that my mood is far from the cheeriness of this saffron-like color. At least I was successful in obscuring the original background of this photo which was the drab model’s changing room at FIT. The yellow is better, trust me.


Here’s my song choice for this Music Monday. The great, incomparable Aretha Franklin singing “Trouble in Mind”. Later friends.

19 thoughts on “Study in Saffron

  1. Kelly Borsheim says:

    Wow, what beautiful big eyes you have! Lovely to see this image. thanks, Kelly Borsheim, sculptor

  2. Carlo says:

    Sunny-bright for a gray day.

  3. coondude says:


    I’m an art model in Albuquerque, NM. I had 19 gigs in April. 4 instances of 2 in 1 day, 2 of 3 in 1 day. What’s your opinion on 2 things: (1) can you charge a travel surcharge for going out of town (in my case, that’s Santa Fe, 60 miles away) (2) is there such a thing as a “name” art model who gets more than the going rate?

    BTW the going rate here is $15/hour, sometimes with tips, sometimes not. How about there?

  4. Rob says:

    Nice photo!!! Sorry you have the blahs.

  5. cauartprof says:

    Wow. Beautiful portrait! Hope those FIT students appreciate you.
    My favorite artist for the uses of yellow is Bonnard. Not sure I can attach his “Boxer” self-portrait to the post, if not, I am sure you know the piece.

  6. derek says:

    Lovely photo and a lovely song from one of the greatest soul singers of all time. This is someone from my generation. I also love Otis redding I saw him in London in 1966 he wrote “Respect” . She was the role model for such great singers like Mariah, Josh Stone. and Kelly Clarkson to name a few. Its a shame she has the disease I was diagnosed that’s why she hardly travels and she looks a like different. BTW lovely yellowish color very Warholish. I hope the kids are giving you the respect there at the school.

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, the kids at FIT show respect. I’ve been modeling there for a while now. And honestly, Warhol crossed my mind after I took a final look at my little creation, lol!

      By the way, I am a huge fan of Otis Redding. You must have read my mind because I almost used an Otis Redding track for this post 🙂

      Thanks for your comments!


  7. Bill says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re funked out. The Mets did beat the Yankees — so at least something is Wright in the world, eh?
    Nice Aretha piece — thanks! I just wanted to acknowledge the death last week of Ray Manzarek — not just because I saw the Doors at my local club in August 1968 — a kind of magic moment for me (you too, if I remember correctly) — but because, despite the fact that Morrison got all the headlines, Manzarek’s keyboard was the distinctive aspect of the group’s sound. It’s a little like being a model — nobody looks at a painting and says, “What a great model!” There always someone in the background who makes it happen, but may not get the proper credit. So — a tip of the hat to Ray.

    • artmodel says:


      I join you in tipping your hat to Ray Manzarek. I was very sorry to hear about his passing. A guy like him, a terrific musician, easily gets overlooked when they play behind someone like Jim Morrison who was, to put it mildly, a bit of a spotlight-hogger 😆

      Watching Game 2 of the Mets-Yankees as I write this. Mets are down 1 – 0 in the 8th.

      Thanks for your comments, friend 🙂


    • derek says:

      I too saw the Doors back in 1968 I know both Jim and Ray are now making music again in rock n’ roll heaven. I remember seeing the Doors opening up for the Who in 1968 during their European tour. Ray was a class act. Jim was a great poet singer but I get miffed at him for throwing his life away at such a young age 27 in 1971. what a bloody waste. My children loved the music that I used to listen in our youthful days.
      God bless to Ray …


      • Bill says:

        You’re right, Derek — and yes, the music did live on. The beach club where they played here was torn down a long time ago, but I was recently sitting in a Subway restaurant just down the street from that spot when a Doors song came on. Off-season at the beach — it was spooky. The kid behind the counter was obviously enjoying it, and I felt like saying to her, “You know, not that many years ago, you could have walked right over there, reached out and actually touched these guys.”

  8. peter howard says:

    You might want to get your kidneys checked out!!!

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