Love My Momma

MoThERsDaY MOTHERSDAY MOtHeRsDaY MothersDay MothersDay

M 0 t h e r s D a y !!!!

I have no idea why I typed all those variations but it felt good. Just having a little fun. And screw the apostrophe!! 😀

Mother’s Day matters a lot here on Museworthy . It matters because this blogger’s mother is a splendid, warm-hearted, generous, artistic, and joyful lady. Many of you are familiar with her, either from real life, my frequent references to her, or her own voice in comments. She’s Elaine, and she’s awesome. She also adores Mother’s Day, not because she expects to be lauded but because her children are the greatest joy in her life. My Mom is one of those women who is thoroughly happy to have “mother” define her identity. Given her two fabulous kids who can blame her? 😆

Choosing artwork for Mother’s Day is easy as pie. In a word, Degas. Mom’s favorite. And a Degas pastel is the ultimate because of Mom’s love for the medium.

By Edgar Degas, this is Four Dancers from 1902. Love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day.


3 thoughts on “Love My Momma

  1. Elaine says:

    Thank you Claudia for the wonderful post. I was overwhelmed by the
    lovely words. As usual, I started to tear up when I read them. My two
    children are my gifts as a mother. Love you,


  2. derek says:

    Hello Elaine:
    I want to wish you a great mum’s day from Australia from one parent and grandparent to another. My own mum passed on 30 years ago at age 63, ( I am now 64 can you believe that) and I still of her till this day but I will celebrate with my ex and my children and grandchildren. You have been a special gem to your lovely talented children. We both have something in common and our greatest accomplishment has always been our children that we brought into this world.

    You are also a very special talent that the heavens that brought you and that is the love of art. Your daughter is one intelligent young lady and one of the greatest inspiration to a group of artists out there. You are one proud mum and I think its lovely that you have witnessed her new talent as a great muse and your son a great musician. I always vision the both of you and Claudia do a collaboration of the arts just like you illustrated her in that birthday present you did of her. and that is a special luv for her child from a parent who had her for nine months.

    I have nothing but great respects for you Madam. You also taught me how to be a loving and accepting parent. Peta send her regards to you and she is spending mum’s day with her mum and she is very close to her and even went to work at the art studios to illustrate her for her own collection. Anyway have a great mu’s day and I wish you great health and happiness.

    Brisbane, Australia

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