Soothing the Wounded Soul

Since the previous post generated thoughtful feedback about coping with news of our troubled world, the time seems right to share a video that I’ve kept bookmarked for a while. Trinity Grace Church brings us two figurative artists, Joshua LaRock and Michael Klein, who discuss their chosen roles in the art community, the responsibility they feel to celebrate beauty, grace, and humanity, and push back against some of the unfortunate effects brought on by postmodernism. Though the men espouse a Christian worldview, I think the video can be easily appreciated by anyone who is spiritual, artistic, or simply disillusioned with current societal trends and demoralizing cultural attitudes and longs for richer expressions of the soul among the arts. I was profoundly moved by the sentiments communicated so eloquently by these artists, set to scenes of them painting from a lovely life model. I think many of my readers, regardless of orientation, will take away something of value from this video. Cultural renewal is possible. We can choose to reaffirm life’s glory, mend brokenness, and resurrect positive ideals. Hope you enjoy 🙂

8 thoughts on “Soothing the Wounded Soul

  1. Mark says:

    Very nice. It took me a minute or two to figure out how to get to the video from e-mail, but it was worth the effort.

  2. Bill says:

    It’s very thought-provoking — the basic question it raises for me is the expectation of linkage between an aesthetic point-of-view and an expected worldview. I’ve been down that road before — often 🙂 In any event, it’s a great posting — thanks!

    • artmodel says:


      Glad you enjoyed it! And it is thought-provoking. I’ve watched it a few times now. I personally had not given much though to the worldview aspect of art until maybe the last couple of years. This video articulates that theme very well.

      Thanks for your comments!


  3. derek says:

    These young men are so spiritual in their works they look so graceful and creatively soulful about it. I always
    feel god created people on becoming great at their craft. It reminds me so of me when I was there ai=ge 40 plus years ago during my college days.I discovered god after giving up doing white powder a while back. It was never easy to get off cold turkey lots of people in my generation did stuff they are not proud, and I also found god when I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I always thought that being creative can make you spiritually strong and visually strong as well.

    I especially love how they captured the essence of beauty of how the live model has inspired.Models can be so creative and soulful in creating art with their souls in baring their souls to the masses and inspired the artists to get creative. That is what is all about. Artist are always creative at their best and models are inspiring with their god given souls and showing them to be great.

    I always said about you and you Elaine you are both creative souls in the artistry and thank you for enlightenment with your history I luv reading what you put into your heart.


    • artmodel says:


      Thank you for sharing your personal struggles. You’ve been on quite a journey, and it’s clear that you’ve taken nothing for granted and acknowledge God’s presence in your life. And yes, it was very appropriate that they showed the artists working from a life model in the video. Like you said, that captures the “essence”.

      Thanks for commenting!


  4. Steve Y says:


    Thank you for posting this lovely video. Paul’s exhortation to the Philipian church comes to mind in 4:8-9 “to think on things that are noble, pure, lovely & excellent…” in the midst of daily strife, even now in this time of cultural & spiritual declension in which we live. One artist spoke of God redeeming art and that is so true. Art partakes in the resurrection life as do all of the vocations which will have a fuller expression in the age to come that cannot be imagined here in the temporal realm.

    It is quite evident these fellas are well grounded in the faith. I like that the interviewer or folks who made the video stayed out of the way allowing the artists to speak very eloquently about their craft and mission.


    • artmodel says:


      You always post beautiful, inspiring comments, thank you so much! There’s nothing I can possibly add to your superb remarks on this video and its message. I’ve been enjoying it on repeat viewings over the last few weeks, and it makes me, as someone who works in the fine arts, feel replenished and reaffirmed.

      Again, thank you 🙂


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