Landfill Harmonic

It’s very fitting that today’s Music Monday comes to us from my friend Karla who lives in Boston and survived last week’s tense turmoil in characteristic tough-as-nails Bostonian fashion. It’s also fitting that this inspiring video is about defying adversity, in this case through resourcefulness, creativity, and the musical dreams of impoverished children who live in a Paraguayan slum. That slum, Cateura, sits atop a landfill. Thanks to the enterprising efforts of one musician and one trash collector, “The Recycled Orchestra” was born. Its members consist of the beautiful, extraordinary children of the village playing instruments made entirely of recycled garbage from the landfill: ” violins and cellos from oil drums, flutes from water pipes and spoons, guitars from packing crates.”.

The Landfill Harmonic is an ambitious project that will involve a film documentary, concert tour, and instrument drive among other things. To read more about this marvelous endeavor please visit the Landfill Harmonic Movie website. Great stuff there about the people involved and their biographies, photos of the instruments, fundraising goals, and updates. Landfill Harmonic can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. And thank you Karla!

6 thoughts on “Landfill Harmonic

  1. Bill says:

    There’s also quite a contrast between people choosing to recycle trash as musical instruments and other people making bombs from old pressure cookers, etc. Two thumbs up for these kids!

  2. Those instruments sound surprisingly good!

  3. Chris Hajian says:


    This is an amazing and inspiring story that shows the power of music. Thanks for posting it. I’m going share it with others!


    • artmodel says:


      Yes, please do share with all your friends in the music biz! That’s great. I knew you would appreciate this inspiring project.

      Thanks for posting a comment my brother!


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