Rembrandt at the Mall

Hey gang! A few months ago we dove into the world of flash mobs and now we’re going to do it again. Some of you have seen this already I’m sure as it’s been around the Internet for several days. A flash mob infiltrated a shopping mall in Breda, the Netherlands, and enthralled passersby with a theatrical recreation of Rembrandt’s famous 1642 painting The Night Watch. The event was held to commemorate the return of the painting to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s world renowned art museum which has been undergoing renovations for ten years. The museum is back and the magnificent Night Watch is back with it. Actors in 17th century costume storm the mall by marching in on foot, on horseback, swinging on ropes, and conclude by posing in a perfect tableau of the painting’s scene replete with a giant frame. This is terrific rousing fun. I love these guys! Honestly, I think Rembrandt would love it too. And it’s glorious to see the Dutch celebrating with such pride and spirit one of their greatest native sons.


Rembrandt’s The Night Watch is noteworthy for its light and shadows, composition, and immense size (11 ft x 14 ft). Like many famous works of art, it has been subjected to acts of vandalism over the years; twice slashed with a knife, once sprayed with acid. The next time someone tries to harm the painting, I suspect the fabulous flash mob will storm in out of nowhere and deal with the bum.


6 thoughts on “Rembrandt at the Mall

  1. patricknicholas says:

    It’s a very mysterious painting fully of hidden meanings and clues. Rembrandt’s life and career were changed drastically by this painting – I will say no more. I recommend Peter Greenaway’s film ‘Nightwatching’. Two films in fact, the first a drama-documentary with Martin “Hobbit” Freeman as Rembrandt and the second a pure documentary – fascinating stuff.

  2. Bill says:

    Great stuff. Can you imagine if they did this in the States? People would be calling 911, they’d be SWAT teams, and lawsuits after everyone finished having his/her heart attack.

    • artmodel says:


      Haha. I just wish we could make a trade with the Dutch. They give us the Rembrandt flash mob, we give them Tilda Swinton’s MoMA “performance piece” 😉

      Thanks for commenting!


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