Drive me Crazy

Has anyone ever claimed that car shopping is supposed to be fun? If so then I’d like to meet that person and punch them in the nose, because it’s not! Wait, let me amend my assertion. I would imagine that buying a car is really fun when money is no object. Walk into a dealership, drive out with a Mercedes S -Class. But for the rest of us, buying a car means mulling over options and working within financial limitations: lease or finance, new or pre-owned or “certified” pre-owned, dealer or private sale, credit scores and APRs. Not exactly my idea of a good time. Alas, if only my beloved, dinged up 18 year-old Honda Civic hadn’t started billowing grey smoke out of the exhaust a few weeks ago. Part of me actually considered spending the money to rebuild the engine and hold on to the little guy, but the two very smart men in my life, my boyfriend and my brother, disabused me of that idea pronto.

In all my recent perusings of the Kelley Blue Book it never occurred to me to check out a Bugatti. The Art Deco-era painter Tamara de Lempicka surely did. I wonder if I can find one of these things pre-owned at a reasonable price! Haha, doubtful. I have a much better chance of finding those glamorous gold gloves 😉

Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti, 1925, by Tamara de Lempicka:


10 thoughts on “Drive me Crazy

  1. derek says:

    I love this one I have seen this one on a magazine back when I was in art college in Cambridge once upon a time. This is from my late father’s generation. This looks like it was done in acrylic.It reminds of Marlene Dietrich. I once had a model that looked like Marlene Dietrich with those eyes or even Bette davis. I love those old movies I even had a crush on them when I was a teenager. God bless them I hope there is no drama with these two in the heavens.

    I can relate to people them them mad. My daughter says of her mum “I love her but she drives me crazy” that is how I feel , that you love them but you don’t want to be around them or even my old friends from school they even drive me crazy sometimes even when I had my 42nd year class reunion. But other than that we do mellow out with age.

    Never take them seriously its all part of life.
    I thank you for sharing this old painting with us and your knolwedge. I should call you Professor Hajian after all your are the smartest person and you do have vast knowledge. I also like your stories of the David sculptures.

    • artmodel says:


      Tamara de Lempicka’s work has become quite popular as prints. They look good in home decor that is retro or Art Deco in style. And I’m also a big fan of Bette Davis and Marlene Dietrich.

      I certainly don’t deserve the moniker “professor”, but thanks very much for thinking so highly of my knowledge! I just try to do my best, that’s all.

      Good to hear from you.


  2. Andrew says:

    Maybe when you’re negotiating with the car dealer you can get them to throw in a pair of gold gloves so you can cruise around in style like Tamara.

  3. Bob Hicks says:

    Well, VW of Germany bought the marque in the 1990’s and is manufacturing the Bugatti again in its origial home in Mohlsheim, Alsace. Looks as if it will set you back about a million and a half to buy one. That would take a lot of posing wouldn’t it?

  4. Jim O'Neil says:

    I’d suggest a Morgan 3 wheeler. then ‘Looks out Tamara, here comes Claudia!’ 😉

  5. Jennifer says:

    Good luck with the car hunt. I’m sure you could give Tamara de Lempicka’s gloved lady a run for her money in the classy driving stakes 🙂

    • artmodel says:


      Haha, thanks! When I finally do get a new car I should put on my fanciest dress, best jewelry and accessories, and drive around the neighborhood 😉


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