Dogs of War

“thou bleeding piece of earth” . . . “the ruins of the noblest man” . . .  “over thy wounds now do I prophesy” . . . “carrion men groaning for burial”

I would never suggest that we have no outstanding actors working today. We certainly do. The incredible Daniel Day-Lewis comes to mind. But the above phrases from William Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” require a performance that communicates fury, intensity, and revenge, by someone who oozes magnetism and charisma, an actor who consistently nails it no matter what the role. In 1953 that actor was the one and only Marlon Brando.

Today is the Ides of March . . . beware! For this notorious day on the Roman calendar which marks the assassination of Julius Caesar, this is Brando as Mark Antony delivering the “Dogs of War” monologue, moments after Caesar was killed by conspirators. He is smoldering and ferocious, and gorgeous to boot 😉

For a slideshow of political assassinations throughout history check out this page from TIME.

2 thoughts on “Dogs of War

  1. Bill says:

    Now you say “Mark Antony” to somebody and they think of J Lo. Sigh. But no worries — St. Patty’s Day is on deck! 🙂

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