Gainfully Employed

My friends, one of those busy, jam-packed weeks of work awaits me. It begins 10:00 Monday morning, which is less than 12 hours from the writing of this post. Modeling, modeling, and more modeling. If I don’t update the blog until the end of the week, don’t despair! I’ll just be traveling between Manhattan and Long Island, getting undressed, then dressed, then undressed again, to fulfill my posing obligations. It’s what I do. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to eat now and then. And sleep. Sleeping is good πŸ™‚

I may or may not find the time to post, but if I can’t then have a great week everybody!


11 thoughts on “Gainfully Employed

  1. peter howard says:

    English man here. Not really worth getting dressed is it? Just wear a smile! x

  2. Dan Hawkins says:

    Claudia, since I’ve been laid off from my IT job, I’ve been modeling like crazy. This morning, I took my two boys to a 7:45 AM dentist appointment. That took longer than expected, and I wound up having 45 minutes left to make the one hour drive from Fort Worth to Dallas for a 10:00 figure drawing class. I broke several traffic laws, but I made it on time. That class ended at 1:00, and I had a 2:00 in Denton, a little less than an hour away. I made that one on time too. My classes in Denton ran 2 to 5 and 5 to 8. So, I managed to take my kids to the dentist and model nine hours at two different colleges.

    Except for the anxiety caused by the time taken at the boys’ dentist appointment, it was a great day. I’m enjoying working so many hours at a job that I absolutely love, even though I know that there is no way on God’s green earth that I could make enough money to pay the bills doing it full time. But until I can find another IT job, I’m going to enjoy what I’m doing now.

    • artmodel says:


      I’m impressed with how you managed to pull off an incredibly full day of modeling and your kids’ dentist appointment! Well done. I share and fully relate to the joy you feel from art modeling. It’s wonderful work. I’m glad you have so many gigs to carry you through until you find another IT job. Keep it up Dan. And thanks, as always, for the comments!


  3. derek says:

    You take your time on what you do, I know that you are abusy woman and you are doing a great job at your crad=ft and you have been a great inspiration from what I seen that they have shown their love and appreciation for your great gift. You shared your gift as an educator and a writer with your knowledge of the arts and education.

    I especially luv and appreciation for your amazing talent. I liked the drawings of Mr. Maidman , who did them with such amazing depth and you captured very well the grace the beauty and the soul of the artistry that you both collaborated well. I also love the photos of Mr. Hatt who also did a great job capturing your talent thast reminded people of such amazing sculptures. I notice that your in=ckine lying down poses have been your most famous trademark pose.. You looked so angelic and graceful and displaying that beautiful athletic physique like a Greek Sculpture. and of course you are one exotic beauty.

    Anyway take your time and write about it in another time if its good or bad and I have no problem with it my luv you od what you have tyo do and bless you

    • artmodel says:


      Thank you so much! Your comments do wonders for my self-esteem πŸ™‚
      My physique is not quite as athletic these days because I’m in “winter mode”, which implies no outdoor running or biking. It’s amazing what a difference those activities make. But the warmer weather is just around the corner … hopefully!

      Be well,

  4. cantueso says:

    This is a wonderful cartoon, but you wouldn’t know where you got it? I have a post on Michelangelo, and my blog is of the carrousel type. So the old posts either get hits or get published again. I cannot really appreciate Michelangelo, and as to that ceiling…………………….:-(

    Yet I know a lot about him, also talked to sculptors about modeling in that context, had to do a paper about him, so, if I can find the source of this cartoon, I would insert it on my blogs, but say I saw it here. Until Google changed their picture search system I had lots of hits on my two blogs totalling around 3000 a day.

    • artmodel says:


      I ordered this and most of the cartoons on Museworthy from the site CartoonStock

      They have a great selection and cartoons can be licensed for non-commercial web use, like on a blog. Michelangelo, by the way, is the subject of much ribbing in the cartoons, so I think you’ll enjoy browsing.

      Thanks for your comments and interest.


      • cantueso says:

        Thank you for your answer! Of course I am looking forward to see Michelangelo getting “ribbed” in the cartoons. I didn’t know he was so popular.
        Modelling takes a lot of discipline. I can’t even imagine sitting so still. Maybe it is a question of practice.

  5. cantueso says:

    A little later.
    I have just been to, and have come back to tell you that you are wrong. Please do not think that I am accusing you or anything. It is just to let you know. They have to charge for all reproductions online, even on non-commercial websites.

    It is really logical that this should be so, because from your web the picture would travel out into the world until nobody anymore could find out where it came from and what the rights are.

    The worst about it all is that they must charge by month or year. In my experience it takes two or three years for a blog article to move up in Google and get hits (though this may change now that Google has just made very basic changes in its policy.)– In other words, you would have to pay for a cartoon for 2 or 3 years before you can even see whether the post is successful.

    • artmodel says:


      I’m not wrong about anything. Yes, you have to PAY for usage. That’s what licensing involves, I thought that was obvious.

      As for you not “accusing” me of anything, I have no idea what you’re saying or implying. I purchase cartoons from CartoonStock, when the license expires I either renew it or I or don’t. I’ve been dealing with CartoonStock for years. How could you think I don’t know what the terms are?


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