Name That Tune?

Sunday night, as the Super Bowl played out on the TV with the sound on mute, my sweetheart and I entertained ourselves with some online trivia. We did history, movies, and sports and earned pretty respectable scores. When we got to music, we narrowed the field to 70s rock exclusively. I should mention that playing 70s rock trivia with my honey is like playing quantum physics trivia with Steven Hawking. You will be shellacked. Then, after trivia, my man had the idea to administer a “Name That Tune” test for me, in which he played the opening bars of songs from his iTunes library for me to identify. I was up to the challenge, or so I thought.

In one of my all-time favorite movies, Diner, the Eddie character, played by Steve Guttenberg, subjects his fiancee Elyse to a football test which consists of 140 questions on the history of the Baltimore Colts. Elyse’s passing or failing the quiz would decide whether the marriage was to take place. It’s funny as hell. Luckily, no such high stakes exist between me and my darling. However, at one point I found myself stammering for the song name and band of what turned out to be a very well-known 70s rock anthem. I knew it. I was sure I knew it! I had heard it a hundred times! But inexplicably I drew a blank. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Dammit.

So between my being stumped by a beloved rock classic, and getting the Allman Brothers and the Doobie Brothers mixed up, and performing a truly horrifying solo dance in the middle of the room to “Disco Inferno”, my girlfriend status is on thin ice, folks. Thin. Ice.

Of course I jest 😆 My girlfriend status is just fine. But I did fail to identify the song and the band. So I will present it now for Music Monday and hopefully redeem myself, alleviate my profound shame, and rebuild my classic rock cred. This is Grand Funk Railroad and “I’m Your Captain”. Rock on, peace out, and I’ll catch you all later.

8 thoughts on “Name That Tune?

  1. Andrew says:

    Catch you on the flip side.

  2. coondude says:

    I lost interest in football when Bronko Nagurski quit playing.

  3. Steve says:

    I would’ve been stumped on the first part of that song title having always identified as “Closer to Home”. Regarding your performance it wasn’t all-time bad like the Elaine dance on Seinfeld?? HaHa 🙂 Be well…

  4. derek says:

    I remember this littlke tune that song is a classic growing up as a kid when I was like 19 or 20 that was a long time ago.You must be a fan of the classics I bet.My grandchildren fancies the music that we both grew up. Boy does that bring up teenage memories for me.I also remember Grand Funk Railroad opening up for Led Zeppelin back in 1969. They kind of remind me of Cream of the 1970’s. Rock on luv….

    • artmodel says:


      What a fantastic memory that must be, to have seen Led Zeppelin with Grand Funk Railroad as the opening act! You came of age during a great rock and roll era. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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