A Touch of Bliss

Museworthy has been a happy place lately. Unlike some other blogs this one tends to be rather author-centric, my moods and current state-of-mind often influencing the posts in topic and tone. As my readers you can feel relieved that you won’t be subjected to any angry rants or woeful despair anytime soon 🙂

It’s Music Monday, and I have to mention that New York’s classical music station WQXR is celebrating Beethoven Awareness Month. It was fabulous last November, and it’s fabulous again this year. I encourage New Yorkers to tune in and luxuriate in the sounds of his extraordinary piano sonatas, string quartets, and symphonies. Glorious listening.

And since my mood these days is playful, quirky, and buoyant, two more goodies to share that reflect said mood. First, a funny picture of Orson Welles jamming with Laurel and Hardy:

And here is a music track dedicated to a very special someone 😉  This is “If I Didn’t Care” by The Ink Spots. Enjoy my lovelies!

5 thoughts on “A Touch of Bliss

  1. Dan Hawkins says:

    Awesome picture. I didn’t recognize Orson there. I hope things are returning to normal in NYC…

  2. Rog Lyngaas says:

    Am I too imaginative in saying Orson Wells looks like Charlie Sheen in this picture?

    • artmodel says:


      At first, I thought your Charlie Sheen comparison was, as you say, “too imaginative”. But upon closer look, I think I see what you mean!

      Great to hear from you! It’s been a while.


      • Rog Lyngaas says:

        I am glad I am not imagining. Regardless of what any body thinks of Charlie, both he and Orson are brilliant ; but Jackie Gleason took the cake and ate it too…. In my opinion.

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