String Theory

Hello darlings! It’s almost 2:00 in the morning and I’m still wide awake and on the computer even though I have work in a few hours. Yeah, I probably should sleep a bit between now and then, ya think? The problem is that I’m all backed up – with emails, writing projects, yapping on the phone, mixed in with trying to watch the Olympics, exercising, still haven’t done any shopping for Martha’s Vineyard vacation in August, doing laundry, wasting time on Twitter, and anything else you can name. I can’t time budget, AT ALL. I suck.

I have a 12 hour modeling day scheduled on Monday. I’ve gotta hustle from Glen Cove, Long Island to SoHo in Manhattan. It’s all good. I can handle it – with some SLEEP of course. But before I hit the hay I’d like to present a quick Music Monday. I came across this terrific Degas drawing while perusing around on Tumblr, which is a great place for browsing and discovery by the way. This is Study of a Violinist:

To accompany this image, I present some extraordinary music from an extraordinary composer. Regular Museworthy readers are well aware of my reverence and admiration for this man. It’s Beethoven and his remarkable Late String Quartet compositions, Performed by the Emerson String Quartet, this is No. 14 in C Sharp Minor, Op. 131, allegro molto vivace. Genius, passion, complexity, Beethoven’s Late String Quartets are truly singular works, astonishing in their intricacy, potency, and emotional depth.

Catch you all soon!

9 thoughts on “String Theory

  1. Elaine says:

    Claudia, a great post for Music Monday. Two great artists. It is the perfect juxtaposition of Degas’ painting and the music. The pose of the violinist is perfect with the head resting on the instrument. Beethoven and Degas, geniuses.

    • derek says:

      This is a great positing as well I also like the positing. I missed out everything the last week. I just finished my cancer treatments. I have
      early stages of lymphoma so I missed out everything but I love the Degas painting. I also love classical music as well. It captures the seriousness of the musical artistry of the musician.

      and G’day Elaine
      how are things with you. I thank you for the great advice you had given on the few postings and even though I live in the land of Down Under I have nothing but great respects for you and your lovely daughter and I am sure you are one great mum .

      • Elaine says:

        Thank you Derek for your kind words. I am sure you give your daughter Peta great fatherly advice as well. Glad to hear your treatments are over. Take care of yourself and know your future will be a happy one.

      • artmodel says:


        It is wonderful to hear from you. Glad your treatments are over. Welcome back to Museworthy 🙂


        • derek says:

          yes my treatments have finished. It was not easy living with it.
          I take it one day at a time. I have been diagnosed a year ago and I am now beating the darned thing. I recommend that everyone get checked on time before its too late. I am happy to be healthy for my children.

    • artmodel says:

      Thanks Mom! A Degas post always gets a comment from you 🙂


      • derek says:

        awe that is so sweet between the two of you. It reminds me of my relationship with my daughter Peta and of course her relationship with her mum whom she remains close. Peta has been a good daughter and have even helped through my own plight with early cancer.
        I will say this your mum is one lovely lady and she has been your real rock relationship wise.Be good to each other luvs


  2. Bill MacDonald says:

    Amen — excellent posting/pairing. Question: Have you ever fallen asleep while working? I usually draw/paint at night, and one model, at the end of a long Monday evening, assumed a reclining pose and actually started to snore. Loudly — no — make that very loudly. Reminded me of the drone of the bagpipes. Drawing the figure is difficult enough, but drawing it while you’re laughing is even harder 🙂

    • artmodel says:


      If I said I have never fallen asleep while modeling that would be a lie 😉
      However, I don’t often. Only when I am really, really exhausted and sleep-deprived will it happen. But under normal circumstances, just being in a reclined pose doesn’t make me fall asleep. And unlike the model you wrote about, I don’t snore!!

      Thanks for your comments.


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