Photos at 44

So it seems that I started a minor shitstorm with my last post. Oops. Well, whatever. I’m not going to think about it today. It’s my birthday. And what a gorgeous day it is! I plan not to breathe any indoor air until the sun goes down. I modeled yesterday, then afterwards my family took me out to dinner to my favorite vegan restaurantΒ because they’re awesome like that.

When I came home from our lovely evening I found myself in a strange mood. Maybe it was the wine πŸ˜‰ Anyway, people often tell me that I don’t post enough pictures of myself on this blog. So last night, in a somewhat bored, tired, and tipsy state, I took a few in front of my laptop. I’m so lazy I made no effort whatsoever to create a real photograph of artistic value, or even ensure that I was fully in frame! All I did was lay down and click the button. Then I messed around with the pictures in iPhoto to give them an abstract look – and by “abstract” I mean gauzy, blurry, and distorted enough to camouflage my disheveled, bedraggled self. All kidding aside, these pictures are a fairly accurate self-portrait, believe it or not, in terms of my current state of mind and self-perception. Take from that what you will.

A rosy/orange tint to conclude my birthday series.

I know there are many comments on the Disclosure post, and I will respond to every one of them I promise. A discussion has developed and, as the blogger, I must participate. Also, thanks to everyone who sent me an email. I will reply to those as well. But I’ll do it tonight, hopefully, if that’s alright with everyone. Right now I’m just going to enjoy the day. Hope you enjoy your Sunday too! Catch you all later.

Love, Claudia πŸ™‚

42 thoughts on “Photos at 44

  1. Dave says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. BobTheArtModel says:

    Lovely images Claudia…. They just ooze a gauzy, laid-back mood. (or maybe it’s my brain that’s gauzy from pain- killers)

    And for what it’s worth, I think you’re perfectly set in-frame. The space above you adds to the mood

    Just my $.02

    • artmodel says:


      Thank you, you’re so sweet! I think your favorable view of these pictures is slightly influenced by the painkillers πŸ˜†

      Hope you’re doing ok. And I appreciate the comments!


  3. coondude says:

    HB and very lovely golden orange light. I’d like to see a full-face portrait. Actually, I’d like to DO a full-face portrait but since I live in New Mexico it seems unlikely. HB from a 66-year-old (last week) and trust me, life gets better and better!
    – Mike in Albuquerque

    • artmodel says:


      I agree that life gets better. I’m not necessarily thrilled to be 44, but I wouldn’t want to be 25 again either. Well, maybe just for a month or so πŸ˜†

      Glad you like the orange. It’s a little odd but I kind of like it!


  4. Dan Hawkins says:

    Happy Birthday Claudia! I love the pictures. Nothing like spending part of your birthday in your birthday suit!

  5. violinhunter says:

    What a teaser you are Claudia!!! Every photo shows a different mood or attitude but number 5 tells me you are mischievous!!! On top of that – you are BEAUTIFUL. Happy Birthday!!! FYI – I am completely sober and may stay that way until about 7pm. πŸ™‚ (See you later on today.) Your devoted fan. VH

    • artmodel says:


      The variations in these photos are subtle, but they’re there. I just didn’t feel like changing my position. I was really tired!

      I’ll take the “beautiful” compliment. That’s a nice birthday gift, thank you.


  6. fakindafunk says:

    Hi Claudia,

    Have a Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Bill MacDonald says:

    Glad you had a great birthday! Nice shots of Kim Kardashian, but when are you going to post pictures of yourself?

    • artmodel says:

      Bill, NOOOOOO!!!!! You don’t really think I look like her, do you? Come on, friend!!



      • Bill MacDonald says:

        Naw — I just forgot to put the smiley face on that one:-) After all, I couldn’t let your birthday go by without teasing you a little. All kidding aside, they are a nice present to your readers. But aren’t you supposed to get the presents?

  8. Happy B D and many more!!!!!!!!

  9. Chris says:

    Happy Birthday, though it is a day late.
    Such a wonderful gift you give on your birthday, Beautiful images of your Birthday suit. You don’t look tired at all, just happy and content. It’s gotta be a good year for you since you are starting it off in such a spectacular way.
    Have a wonderful year 44.

    • artmodel says:


      I really appreciate your beautiful comments. And a day late birthday wishes are fine! I’m glad you don’t think I look tired in the pics, because I was! But happy too πŸ™‚


  10. lovely photos, and hope this year is better then the last

  11. Ron says:

    Happy birthday Claudia. Very nice pix. I’m also a big fan of Candle 79. I’ve been there several times.

  12. scorpioski says:

    Happy B’lated Birthday (and night).
    I’m glad you celebrated in style and surrounded by loved ones.
    My next birthday has a Zero in the # and I’m still wrapping my head around that.
    You, on the other hand make 44 look timeless, elegant and vibrant.
    Thanks for giving your readers such fine presents/images on your birthday. Hope one of your gifts is a ticket out to the ‘Rock’ sometime this Summer…
    You Are Art.

    • artmodel says:


      Is your upcoming zero year birthday the one I think it is? No way. Whatever it is, you are fit and handsome and athletic. It must be that New England air!

      Thank you so much for your warm and generous birthday comments and wishes. If I make 44 look “timeless”, that’s pretty awesome!

      Is it fairly easy to get over to the Rock from the VIneyard? That’s where we will be in late August. Let’s email.


  13. I really like the way these are framed!

    Happy birthday, dear friend. You are a spring of vitality and creativity – keep on shining!

    • artmodel says:

      Fred is back in town!!!!!! Yay!!! Welcome home friend πŸ™‚

      I’m honored that a gifted photographer such as yourself likes the framing of these pics! That’s a great compliment. Thanks for the birthday wishes and kind words. See you soon!


  14. Brian says:

    Claudia – It may be your birthday, those pic’s make me feel like I’m the one getting presents…best wishes to you today. You look great (and hardly 44)!

  15. LK says:

    Your fans are all correct, as I realized when I first found your blog…you are stunning.

    Happy Birthday!

  16. Peta says:

    What a way to celebrate a birthday with those lovely photos of
    you I see some with happiness and vulnerability at the same time.
    I hope I can look like that when I reach your age. I have nothing but great respects for you and a great inspiration for us models. I am also a dancer how do you keep your beautiful figure in such great .shape I mean wow….anyway happy birthday luv on behalf of my dad Derek who will be back next week…….

  17. Rob says:

    It’s your eyes! For me, they make this wonderful suite so engaging. You have Chagall eyes!!!!! Have a nice vacation!

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