Linocuts by Lill

This week’s Music Monday is a special treat for me, although I’m sure many of you artists, creatives, and Museworthy darlings will appreciate it too. As you may know, my recent experiences in printmaking class have introduced me to the joys of making linocuts and woodcuts – relief printing techniques. As much as I enjoyed learning intaglio, relief really won me over. Imagine my delight – excitement actually – when I stumbled upon an image for Music Monday that is the work of a tremendous printmaker I never knew of until now. She is Swiss-born Lill Tschudi, and if she were still alive I’d write her a fawning fan letter. Tschudi worked primarily in lino, short for linoleum, which is a material commonly used for floor covering, made of linseed oil and cork. In printmaking it is carved into fairly easily with cutting tools. For color prints Lill Tschudi used multiple blocks, inking each one with a different color and printing on top of each other to achieve the desired effect. Very labor-intensive process.

Here are two music themed linocuts by Lill Tschudi:

The Cornelia Siegel FIne Art Gallery is the exclusive representative for Lill Tschudi’s prints. Visit their site for more images by this gifted linocutter. And check out this beauty from the Met Museum collection. As for me, I’m on my own now since class has ended and I’m without the guidance and instruction of my wonderful teacher Lisa Mackie. But it’s all good. I’ll buy a set of carving tools and some lino blocks from the art supply store and just let it rip and see what happens! My composition skills could use some help. But if I can create one decent, artistic print within a year I’ll be happy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Linocuts by Lill

  1. Jennifer says:

    Linocuts and Music Monday – together at last! They’re gorgeous prints – such a brilliant use of space, line and ‘blockiness’. Full of 1930s’ sensibilities too. Clicking on the link, interesting to see that there was a British Linocuts movement. I was sent a calendar from Australia last year, each month a linocut from a major Sydney gallery, and I have to say each one was a delight! Good luck with your printing – will Lisa Mackie offer an improvers class after the summer or are you on your own from now on?


    • artmodel says:


      Lisa teaches only the Intro class at the Lower East Side Printshop, the class I just took. So I’m kinda on my own. But she sometimes has workshops in her private studio, which I’d be very interested in.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed these linocuts! The British linocut scene was impressive. I’m going to read up more about it. Lino, and printmaking in general, is an amazing art form. The results are like nothing else out there, as we can see from Lill Tschudi’s extraordinary work.

      Thank you for your comments!


  2. Bill MacDonald says:


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