Jessie and the Moon

Ehhh . . . grrr . . . moods. Perturbation. Agitation. Disquietude. Anxiety. Unease. Confusion. Bewilderment. Angst. Yes, it’s been a bothersome 36 hours. Mind cluttered, thoughts preoccupied, a little tense, a little sad, worries that are both real and (possibly) imagined. In other words, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

But we pass through these things. Always. It’s important to know that. And the passing process can be facilitated by some strategically made choices. In my case, those choices usually involve receding in some way. I am a Cancer, which means we are crabs who will retreat into our shells if circumstances require it. We hide, and we like it dammit!

So on Tuesday I had only a morning job at FIT and promptly left Manhattan right afterwards. No shopping, no lunch, no walking around, no museum visits. I just hightailed it back to Queens, fleeing the noise, the chaos, the throngs of people, and the infernal police/fire sirens of midtown. Sure I still moped when I got home but at least I was moping in peace, and in private.

In the early evening I stepped outside to get some air, looked up and noticed the moon – a white half pearl nestled in the blue sky, underlined with a wisp of clouds. Pretty! So I went back inside, got my camera and took a picture with my Canon Powershot:

A short while later I checked on the moon again as the night started to fall. This time I had my good camera. The serious camera. My big Nikon. As I stood on the steps outside my kitchen door and prepped my settings for the picture, I suddenly felt warm, affectionate rubbing on my legs. It was my girl, the goddess, Jessie the cat, trying to divert my attention. And it worked. I knelt down and snapped her picture:

Yes, I’m wearing grey sweatpants, the official uniform of a depressed, leave-me-alone mood. Not very attractive or stylish. But at least we have beautiful Jessie. Here she’s thinking, “Can we go inside? I’m hungry. Open the door.”:

So because I have a Dr. Dolittle complex I spoke to Jessie and told her, “Just a minute, baby. Let me photograph the moon then we’ll give you food.” The clouds had long drifted away, the blue had gotten deeper, the moon was a lonely dot:

Jessie wouldn’t leave me alone for a minute. She kept purring and pacing, slinking, and rubbing all over me. This picture, well, just had to be posted πŸ™‚

“Come on, man, I’m hungry! Where’s the food?”.

I’m sure many of you know what it’s like to deal with a hungry cat. They are tenacious. But I just needed one last shot of the moon. Why? I mentioned earlier about my zodiac sign of Cancer and how we are prone to moodiness. Well, most astrological signs have a planet as a ruling force. Cancers don’t. We are ruled by the moon. The moody moon. We are moonchildren. No wonder I was so drawn to it at that moment.

14 thoughts on “Jessie and the Moon

  1. Jennifer says:

    A lovely photostory, though I’m sorry it came from you having a difficult time …

  2. laird says:

    A lovely picture of the lonely dot, especially when enlarged to full size (good camera). I am using it as my screen saver.
    Hope your mood lifts soon.

  3. violinhunter says:

    What the bricks actually need is re-pointing. They don’t look that bad but then, I haven’t seen them at eye level. I missed the Monday Music post – I did. I’ve more than twice wondered how you have come to be so well-informed when it comes to music. I’m sure you weren’t born knowing all you know.

    • artmodel says:


      Oh gosh, I know about the bricks! They’ve been in need of pointing for a whiie now, and it’s very obvious looking at these pictures. That particular section of the house is the worst. The rest is not so bad.

      We will have a Music Monday next week πŸ™‚


  4. Bill MacDonald says:

    Whew — the moon, Queens, Jessie the cat — I was expecting to hear that you ultimately fed her eye of newt and toe of frog πŸ™‚ That’s the thing about muses, you know — they hold the rest of us “spellbound.”

  5. dougrogers says:

    The cat. The moon.
    One near. One far.
    Only you.
    And no distance between them.

  6. Paul says:

    I’m sorry to read of your ‘purr-turbed’ state.
    I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this entry. As a fellow cat owner, lunar observer (despite my planet being Mars; silly Scorpio) & brick owner in need of masonry adjustments-
    Your writing was highly relatable.
    I hope you enjoy tomorrow’s full ‘perigee’ moon on cinco de mayo.
    Thanks for continuing to share your words, thoughts, feelings and adventures with the world.
    You’re a rare one, no doubt.

    • artmodel says:

      Paul!!! So wonderful to hear from you! I’m delighted that this post prompted you to post a comment. I had big smile reading it πŸ™‚

      Sadly, the super moon was not viewable over the skies of NYC tonight. Heavy cloud cover. Disappointed. I was all ready to take pictures, but it wasn’t meant to be. Will have to wait for the next glorious lunar show.

      Thank you so much for your kind comments about me and the blog. Have been thinking of you lately. Hope everything is well. I will email you soon. Until then, give my love to Nantucket!


  7. yeah I missed the “supermoon” last night since I had to work. but I second you on the moon’s effect. personally for me, a full moon. whether I’m aware or not, I know when it’s full- I suffer from listlessness and insomnia. also I feel strongly that my totem is the wolf- expanded, I feel an affinity with werewolves, if that makes sense

    • artmodel says:


      Actually the supermoon was tonight – or supposed to be tonight, but we here in NYC have no visibility. So you didn’t really “miss” anything.

      Speaking of the moon’s effect, the dogs in my neighborhood are barking more than usual. Not kidding! They can’t see the moon, but maybe they can sense it πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for your comments.


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