Finding Composure

I have neither the will nor the energy right now to discuss at length the unhinged madness of the world in which we live. Who am I kidding using the word “discuss”? There is no discussion. There’s only hysteria, fear-mongering, verbal abuse, and the insidious effects of groupthink. In my lifetime, I can’t recall a period in our culture of more overheated rhetoric, more histrionics, or more twisted priorities than the times we are in now. What’s most disheartening to me are the sheer numbers of people who refuse to analyze anything in depth and can thus be tricked into believing they are supporting a noble cause, when really they are just being manipulated as pawns. I guess they’re naive. Or perhaps they enjoy that feeling of “righteousness”, however misguided it may be. Still, I would say to those people: you are being played.

Enough of that. Given that Twitter and the social media scene has been an absolute trainwreck of late, I am delighted to be in the midst of a busy modeling week. Thank you Jesus! The past few Thursdays I’ve been posing privately for the wonderful figurative artist Sigmund Abeles. In our sessions he is teaching one student and doing a little art himself. Here’s a lovely pastel drawing Sigmund created during a 20 minute pose. I was fairly crunched up here and leaning to my left. Sigmund captured the gestures and shapes very nicely:

13 thoughts on “Finding Composure

  1. Kimberly Adams says:

    Hello, that is beautiful! Look on the bright side, the beauty of the figure drawing is more lasting than the craziness going on right now… Also, sorry to post this in the public forum, but I’m wondering if I could create a guest post for your blog? I tried to email you seperately but didn’t hear back, wasn’t sure if that meant “no” or that you didn’t see the message. Thanks for considering it!

    • artmodel says:


      My apologies! I did get your email and forgot to reply, very sorry. I will write you back.

      Thanks for your comments on the drawing and the post.


  2. Lisa B. says:

    Mostly I feel like I’m living in one of those science fiction books I read as a kid. I’d move, but none of the other solar systems want me.

    I am not a sheeple… I am not a sheeple…

  3. Bill MacDonald says:

    Great drawing, thank you (and Mr. Abeles) for sharing.

    I think that Kimberly is right. Life drawing/painting is inherently a subversive activity. I think that it’s a given that we live in a world that is often alienating and dehumanizing. But I also think that we’re part of the solution. If a model is willing to share the beauty that is an aspect of his/her body and possesses the skill/stamina to assume/hold the pose– AND the artist can bring his/her vision/life experiences/skills to the easel and record the experience — each time that happens, together they punch a small hole in that sphere of dehumanization.

    And each time someone sees that work and is pulled into the experience, that hole just gets bigger.

    • artmodel says:


      That was a most eloquent homage to the life drawing experience. You acknowledged the reciprocity and generosity that spring from both the artist and model. I so appreciate that.

      Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments, Bill.


  4. Congratulation, Sig, for a beautiful drawing. Congratulations, Claudia, for your beautiful posing. Great collaboration………

  5. artprimedlm says:

    Lucky artist, having so nicely shaped lady as model

    • artmodel says:


      Funny you said that because I am not quite as shapely in real life as I appear in this drawing. This particular pose enhanced my shape because of the way I was sitting, and Sigmund, like many artists who draw me, gave me a somewhat curvier look than I have. But I like it!

      Thanks for commenting.


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