Saturday Stuff

Happy Saturday y’all! May I ask that you take a brief break from your weekend football viewing preparations to read Museworthy? You can buy beer and chips later, ok? 😆

Just passing on word that I’ve been hearing from several folks in my art modeling travels, that the Renaissance Portrait exhibition at the Met is a must-see. A must MUST see. I’m due for a visit to the Met myself, so I’ll be checking it out soon hopefully. Busy modeling schedule in the next few weeks but the show is up until March 18th. Still plenty of time.

Time is running out, however, for London-area Museworthy readers, for Leonardo da Vinci at the National Gallery. That’s closing on February 5th. Wish I could see it. And it seems that art lovers are getting up at the crack of dawn for Leonardo. The sold-out record breaking show is turning away latecomers.

Southern California folks might want to see Images of the Artist at the Getty Center before it closes on February 12th. An exploration of portraits and self-portraits of artists over five centuries. Looks fascinating.

These portrait events are quite apropos since I’m immersed in portraiture these days. I’ve been sitting for a portrait class on Friday mornings, and am posing again for a pastel portrait workshop taught by my friend Sam Goodsell. We did it back in September, and now we’re doing a sequel! That will be next weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.

From the year 1450, this is Portrait of a Lady, by Paolo Uccello:

That’s all for now friends. Enjoy the weekend. Go Giants!!

6 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff

  1. did you see the Indian art show at the Met? it went down last week-end. beautiful once-in-a-lifetime exhibit. And you’re right, the Portraits show is a must-see. There’s also 20’s American art/photography show at the Brooklyn Museum, it goes down at the end of the month. I still have to make my way there. I’m obsessed with the 20’s/30’s as a period in art and culture. My favorite artists are mostly from that era. Neu Sachlicheit artists like Otto Dix, Christian Schad, etc.

    • artmodel says:


      Thanks for the input! Unfortunately, I missed the Indian art show. Heard it was amazing. I’m very excited for the Renaissance portraits.


  2. Bill MacDonald says:

    Congratulations on the outcome of the Giants-Packers game! But, if the Giants wind up meeting New England in the Super Bowl, the Patriot Act will prevail.

    • artmodel says:


      I am stunned by what the Giants did. Wasn’t Green Bay, like15 and 1 in the regular season, or something like that? Wow. Kudos to Manning and the Giants defense.

      But you are right about the Pats. I’m scared of them. Tom Brady is just so perfect . . . and a great quarterback too 😉


  3. Sigh, guess I’ll miss it, my house is still too far from the subway. 🙂

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