Off to the MFA

Hellooo my darlings! Quickie post here. My mama and I are leaving early in the morning for Boston to see the Degas show at the Museum of Fine Arts and to visit a dear family friend, Karla. We’re staying at Karla’s just one overnight and will be back in NYC late Thursday. It’s a short little trip but I’m really looking forward to it.

Also want to mention, although I’m sure you’ve all heard, that the wonderful Helen Frankenthaler has passed away. I was a huge fan. She was one of the few prominent female artists in the overwhelming male-dominated world of abstract expressionism. And one of the best, in my opinion. Many great articles and obituaries on Frankenthaler on the web. I recommend checking them out.

Here is one paragraph from the Times article I linked to above. I think it describes Helen Frankenthaler’s work perfectly:

Her staining method emphasized the flat surface over illusory depth, and it called attention to the very nature of paint on canvas, a concern of artists and critics at the time. It also brought a new, open airiness to the painted surface and was credited with releasing color from the gestural approach and romantic rhetoric of Abstract Expressionism.

Hope everyone is well. I will most likely be tweeting my visit to Boston so you can always read me there should you desire a little distraction . . and a little Degas 🙂

See you all soon!

2 thoughts on “Off to the MFA

  1. Ray says:

    have a good vacation

  2. here’s a really good article on Frankenthaler by Jerry Salz, IMO better than the article his wife wrote for the NY Times:

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