Modeling and Curating

Hellooooo!!! Happy Sunday my friends! Hope everyone is well.

So this Tuesday, November 1st, is the deadline for Museworthy Art Show submissions. Now if someone submits on say, Wednesday or Thursday, of course it will go in the post. I’m not a strict rule-enforcer. But the thing is that starting Monday, I have seven straight days of busy art modeling, and not much free time. So the earlier I receive the images, the easier it is for me, which is why I set the deadline. For those of you who haven’t sent in yet, try to get it to me as soon as you can. Don’t forget to include medium, description if you have one, your name, and location. And remember to put Museworthy Art in the subject memo.

Also, if you did NOT get an email from me at some point confirming the receipt of your work, then please email me again, as I may not have received it for some reason. Or I just forgot to confirm and need you to remind me! Again, my email is claudielh at aol dot com.

I’d like to post a painting that I’ve wanted to have on Museworthy for a long time but never got around to it. It’s George Bellows’ Nude Girl, Miss Leslie Hall, from 1909. A student of Robert Henri, Bellows was an American realist painter best known for his works of New York City scenes, urban environments, and boxing matches. But like all great artists, he also did nudes. This particular painting interests me because it is not idealized at all. The model is tired, disengaged, distracted, almost jaded. Her pose is awkward, with no pretense toward beauty or elegance. She’s just not into it, her body aches, and wants to be left alone. Or at least that’s the disposition Bellows wanted to capture. I’d say he did it well. It also looks like how I feel when I’m getting dressed after working an exhausting double!

A superb analysis of this painting and more background on Bellows’ nude work, can be found at the Terra Foundation of American Art. I found it quite interesting and I think you will too.

Happy Halloween everyone! Check in here during the week for possible Art Show updates and info, and whatever blogging I can manage during these next several days. I’ll be around 🙂

2 thoughts on “Modeling and Curating

  1. I think Bellows was the most gifted of the Ashcans. Too bad he died too soon

    • artmodel says:


      I remember you saying how much you admire Bellows in a previous comment. He was indeed a great painter. I especially love “Cliff Dwellers”.

      Thanks for your comments.


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