Link Parade

Hi everyone! This week’s music will be posted on Wednesday instead of Monday, due to a special occasion. Stop by then and check it out 🙂

Today I’d just like to share some goodies with all of you, cool stuff I’ve discovered through Twitter, Tumblr, email, and around the web. Hopefully some of it will pique your interest. So here I go, riding the link parade:

My friend Emily Rapp recently had a poignant essay published in the NY Times titled Notes From a Dragon Mom. Beautifully written, as always from Emily. On Tumblr, Summer Anne Burton is doing a wonderful project of drawing every member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Terrific fun, especially for baseball fans. My dear friend Fred Hatt has posted a marvelous and informative blog post on color charts that’s definitely worth checking out. The witty and whimsical Doug Rogers has published his Cat Book of digital artworks. The new issue of Glasschord is now online, exploring the theme “Conformity” through art, photography, poetry, and prose. Visit an excellent blog entry on Berfrois and learn about a legendary dog – an Akita named HachikĹŤ – and a review about the book Empire of Dogs: Canines, Japan, and the Making of the Modern Imperial World. Go to Ordinary Finds just because it’s one of the best Tumblrs for music, art, and photos. Also check out the fabulous ladies at Two Nerdy History Girls for a daily dose of days gone by, history, vintage, fashion, and other great stuff. My friend Sam Goodsell has finally gotten his website up and running. I guess, after all these years, my nagging finally paid off! Museworthy reader Bill sent me a cool link from Neil Gaiman’s blog on his visit to the Degas show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Deacon Greg Kandra shares some thoughtful, spiritual, and topical issues at his fine blog The Deacon’s Bench. And last but not least, a reminder that you can always visit me at my Tumblr and my Twitter.

I have a lovely day ahead – meeting a friend for coffee and catch-up convo <— alliteration, yeah! – and then to short pose modeling session tonight. Have a great Monday everyone and I’ll see you soon! :kisses:

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