Degas in Boston

While New Yorkers are swooning over and raving about the de Kooning retrospective at MoMA, the good people of Boston have an art exhibition of their own to celebrate. The Museum of Fine Arts is now showing “Degas and the Nude”, and it looks fantastic. If de Kooning is considered a “must-see”, then the Degas show is “must-must- see”! That’s my personal opinion, of course. I am an artists’ model after all, so figurative nudes will always trump abstract expressionism. And Degas nudes? Oh yes! The Boston curators are a group after my own heart 🙂

So sometime between now and February 5th, I’ll be taking a train ride to Boston. I think my mom and I should make this a mother-daughter excursion. Degas is her absolute favorite, plus we have a dear family friend, Karla, who lives in Boston. Maybe around the holidays. I’d really like to see both Karla and Boston at Christmastime.

I don’t know if this pastel work is in the Boston show, but I hope so. From 1884, this is Degas’  Woman in the Tub:

8 thoughts on “Degas in Boston

  1. Bill says:

    Yes, it’s definitely worth seeing. If you have the time and inclination, there’s a small Japanese exhibit in the other wing that is also very cool:

    Funny — I just made a one-day bus trip to NYC on Tuesday to see the Ingres and Louvre drawing exhibits at the Morgan. Will try to go back when the Renaissance Portrait show opens at the Met. Great to have all these resources available.

    BTW, the MFA is generally free (donation if you want) on Wednesday evenings — although the Degas exhibit may get a little crowded.

    • artmodel says:


      Awesome, thank you! You got to Degas pretty quick, that’s great. And the Japanese exhibit looks wonderful too!

      So glad you came down for the Louvre drawings at the Morgan. I’m actually planning to see that show on Saturday after my morning modeling. I love the Morgan. Always a pleasure to visit that marvelous place.

      My visit up to the MFA will probably be in December – my art modeling schedule slows down then and also our friend Karla will be in town around that time (she travels a lot for work). Really looking forward to it!

      Thanks Bill. Much appreciated 🙂


  2. Fred says:

    I want to see the Degas show, too! His work has such subtlety of color it usually loses a lot in reproduction,

    • artmodel says:


      I think Degas is a perfect example of an artist whose work loses a lot in reproductions. If he were alive today, I bet he’d be horrified!

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Bill says:

    Just a reminder that the MFA also has a 2-3 Degas oil paintings that are not in the exhibit — they’re not nudes. Haven’t checked lately, but they’re probably hanging in the Impressionist Gallery. There’s also another sculpture of a young girl (ballerina?) — probably either in that galley or the newly-designated Contemporary wing. (They’ve been moving things around lately — and you never know what’s out on loan to a show).

  4. Yea, Claudia, rub it in, The train twix NYC and Boston doesn’t stop here at North Pole Alaska, I’ll miss both shows! -grin-

    None the less am, sure you and yo mamma will enjoy!

    So! I’m happy for you guys.

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