Sunday in the Park with John

Hellooo everyone!! Greetings and salutations! Before I get to Music Monday, I want to thank those of you who have already submitted your works to the Museworthy Art Show. They’re great! And it’s really exciting to see them in my email inbox 🙂 To everyone else, you still have plenty of time to submit. The deadline in November 1st, so no worries.

This weekend here in NYC was – and still is! – the most magnificent October weekend on record. The weather has been positively sublime, with clear blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures. Gorgeous, wonderful. I was on the Upper West Side all day yesterday doing various things, but my main destination was to Strawberry Fields in Central Park where the annual commemoration  for John Lennon’s birthday (October 9th) was taking place. I’ve been attending this gathering for years and years. Musicians set up around the Imagine circle, play Beatles’ songs and lead the crowd in a sing-a-long. I managed to maneuver my way to an empty spot on a bench where I could stand up and take some pictures.

One of my favorite John Lennon post-Beatles songs, and one of the best for the Strawberry Fields sing-a-long, this is the excellent “Watching the Wheels”, digitally remastered. Great lyrics, great vocals by John. Enjoy 🙂

One thought on “Sunday in the Park with John

  1. derek says:

    I have gone there for the past three decades I have paid my resoects to that guy whom I saw back in ’72. I haven’t gone to the memorail since 2000, because it became too real and sometimes I wonder are they there to celebrate his music or to get loaded since I encountered some drunk making a complete ass of himself being roudy and disrespect John. I will always remember john by listening to him on the radio and watch the documentaries. My only wish is that I wish the murder never took place and he would be making music again and perhaps be acquainted with his children Julian and and Sean.

    I recently watch the JL documentary and I relived that horrible event and I started to grief for this man again whom I saw at the One to One benefit although the concert was not that great but it gave glimpse of his creative genius and preaching his message.The song that made me weeo was “Imagine” the reason is although its beautiful song written during the Vietnam War era but it is also a reminder thta we lost this great man as a result of this senseless act by an evil demented insect who had not business invading his privacy. Anyway I hope I am not boring you or take it personally but those are my thoughts. I hope you understand me.

    Happy birthday Johnny wherever you are, we still love you mate

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