Minor Inconveniences

Welcome to the weeeeek-end!!! A holiday weekend that is. Mine got off to a pesky start; first a malfunctioning refrigerator this morning, then a wild goose chase in search of a specific cordless phone battery (don’t ask), and then a “vandalized” section of my garden apparently caused by some raucous critter in the night. My guess is a raccoon but it could have been cats too. On top of all this, a paycheck I’m expecting (and could really use right now) didn’t arrive in the mail today like I had hoped. Maybe tomorrow. Thankfully the fridge has been repaired with a new defrost thermostat and my juice and tofu are now returning to food safety standards. But sadly, one cut section of cantaloupe didn’t make it. Let’s have a moment of silence, shall we, for the dear departed cantaloupe 😥

I have a nice idea for the blog, but I’ll explain it in another post very soon. Right now I’m going enjoy my cup of tea and look forward to the weekend! A full, jam-packed art modeling schedule is rapidly approaching, so I’m going to make the most of these free days.

Here is a charcoal sketch of me by Bruce. This was one of the poses I was doing while darling Ika was giving me a rubdown🙂

2 thoughts on “Minor Inconveniences

  1. Fred says:

    From the point of view of a cantaloupe, to become compost may be a destiny every bit as noble as to become human food.

    Nice drawing, Bruce. I think you should have included Ika in it, though!

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