Twitter . . . and MoMA

Guess what everybody? I am now on Twitter! I may be avoiding Facebook like the plague, but I have nothing against Twitter. I’ve only been on it for two days, but so far it’s pretty fun! For those of you who are also on Twitter please follow and I will happily reciprocate! And for those of you not on Twitter you can still read my Tweets – heaven knows you don’t want to miss one word of my astounding brilliance, incisive wit, and endearing charm 😆 Ok, maybe not.

It’s a positively gorgeous August day here in NYC and I want to go running before work tonight. But I quickly want to mention some upcoming fall exhibits at MoMA which look pretty spectacular. The first one is a deKooning Retrospective which opens on September 18th. The other one is Diego Rivera Murals, but that doesn’t open until November. I am a big fan of Rivera’s work so I’m especially excited for that show. If you appreciate Rivera like I do, check out this excellent image gallery.

Diego Rivera, Bather of Tehuantepec, 1923:

12 thoughts on “Twitter . . . and MoMA

  1. Yep, all us really cool kids are on flickr! 🙂

    I like Diego a lot but I like Frida a lot more.

  2. Brian says:


    Sorry, I’m not into twitter…but if I were, I’d probably be tweeting about the Brewers!

  3. LK says:

    Looks pretty messy over there, I hope everything is safe for you.

  4. Derek says:

    Hye everyone stay safe and be strong I hate this season I am so depressed today.

  5. Derek says:

    thanks Claudia
    you are ine true gem let’s all pray for the big apple

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