Friday Decompression

Ah, the workshop went really, really well. It was long posing of course, but it was a great pleasure working with Dennis Cheaney. And the class was so sweet! Such nice people. They were the types who, if they were leaving the building on a break,  generously asked me if I wanted coffee or something from outside. They also consulted me before they adjusted the AC, and regularly asked me how I was holding up with the strenuous posing. Art models especially know what I’m talking about. We love those warm, considerate classes. Makes for such a pleasant working environment. It’s lovely to walk into the studio in the morning and be greeted with “Hi Claudia!” and receive a round of “Thank you so much!” at the end 🙂

Now for the negative. Just one negative. My back hurts 😥 But hey that’s part of the job. I need to do some serious stretching. I’m sorry I have nothing more to post about. I had a singular focus week, and now it’s over. So I shall rest and be back asap!

In honor of backs, here is an unusually smooth, fair-skinned one. Quite different from my back which is a bit more defined (and bony) and currently has tan lines and the remnants of sunburn peeling. Probably not what William Merritt Chase would have preferred for a painting such as this. Back of a Nude, 1888:

6 thoughts on “Friday Decompression

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hope your back eases soon. Have a good rest and a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Try some yoga for your back. I like the painting, it´s beautiful, powerful colors. Thanks

  3. Andrew says:

    I find that removal of tan lines is a great excuse to go sunbathing in remote areas.

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