Somewhere in the Atlantic

Museworthy friends!!!! Hello my darlings! I have returned! And I miss Nantucket already 😥 Our family vacation was absolutely, positively wonderful. One of the best ever, and much needed by all of us.

I took pictures, pictures, and more pictures. So for those of you who enjoy looking at vacation photos, mine are posted on my Flickr. I still have a few more to upload but there’s plenty to see. An abundance of cool beach scenes.

This post title, by the way, is taken from a t-shirt I bought just before we boarded the ferry to come home. So many Nantucket tees to choose from, but I really liked the one that read “Somewhere in the Atlantic . . . Nantucket”, with a little map of the island. That’s exactly how it feels to be there. The islanders and the visitors wouldn’t want it any other way. There are whales, sharks, seals, lobsters, cormorants, and the big blue undulating Atlantic, and then – almost incidentally – an island in their midst called Nantucket 🙂

Here is a small slideshow that chronicles our first day. It’s called “Jeep Ride to Sconset Beach”. I’m not in any of these photos because I was behind the camera, so the main players are my brother Chris (handsome guy in the white shirt), my sister-in-law Gayle (great gal in purple shirt), my Mom (terrific woman in blue bathing suit, also known as “Grammy”), and the star of the show, my niece Olivia (adorable, cavorting 8 year-old who LOVES the camera). I would not fullscreen this, as the slide transitions become rough. So watch it here in the blog post. Images are cleaner. Or watch it on Flickr

I made two other slideshows: Biking and Beachcombing at the Jetties and Fun at the White Elephant

One of my favorite things to photograph is colorful beach umbrellas against the sky. Here’s one from beautiful Nantucket, “Umbrellas and Seagull”:

8 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Atlantic

  1. love the umbrellas, and the white seagull, too. hard to resist them colors!

    • artmodel says:


      Thank you! I took a picture a few seconds before this one that had no seagull. It seems like such a minor thing, but I was really happy I got a second shot with the bird in the frame.

      Love your photos too. Thanks for commenting!


  2. Rob Bent says:

    Claudia! Nantucket! What fun it sounds you had! As a college student (a few times in later years,too) I spent many a day at Cisco and ‘Sconset beaches before going to work at Jared Coffin House and lots of other places or after finishing the work day with Earl Coffin’s landscaping crew. Rented a house by the pump in ‘Sconset one summer. I have so many memories of that island, people I met, fun I had; that “precious stone set in a silver sea” was a pivot point in my life. Thanks for tossing up my memory banks!!
    Gotta go watch Sox and Yankees!

    • artmodel says:


      I went past Jared Coffin House a couple of times. I’ve never been inside though. I loved reading your Nantucket memories! Sounds like you had great times there. Sconset is one of my favorite places on the island.

      Thanks so much for you comments, Rob. Great to hear from you!
      Hope you’re having a wonderful summer.


  3. Ron says:

    Nice slideshow(s). What was the jazzy soundtrack?

    • artmodel says:

      Ron, thanks! The music was just one of the sample tracks that iPhoto offers as a choice for slideshows. I was going to use something from my music library but I liked the sample a lot and thought it worked perfectly with the photos. This one is called “Buddy”. I used samples for all the slideshows.


  4. red dirt girl says:

    Welcome back. I just returned from a sojourn as well. It’s nice to take a break from ‘every day’ life. Enjoyed your slideshows.


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